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You can get insurance for your pet through USAA pet health insurance. It's one of the strongest pet insurances you can have as USAA company cooperates with Embrace insurance company to give you the best insurance plan.

Policies are provided by Embrace pet insurance one of the pioneers in the pet insurance field.

USAA Pet Health Insurance

Benefits of having pet insurance

If you have a pet, it means that you should have pet insurance, because pets are like family to their owners. People in the USA treat their pets like family, so having pet insurance is as important as having life, car, or house insurance.

Your furry family member deserves your love and care.

Pet insurance in the USAA company

USAA ( The United Services Automobile Association) company was founded in 1922 by 25 US army officers in San Antonio as they were a high-risk group ( as officers in the military).

The number of company members in 2019 exceeded 12 million. USAA company has many offices. The main office is located in San Antonio.

It has also offices in New York City, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and internationally in Frankfurt and London.

USAA pet health insurance reimburses you if your pet has an accident or gets ill.

You can visit any licensed vet or clinic even outside the country, get a valid invoice, and then you get reimbursed within 2 business days or get your check through the mail within 10 business days. 

If you are a military member, you can get up to a 25% discount over the net cost. Pet insurance in USAA costs you around 1$ a day to get your pet protected from any injury or disease.

Outside of the insurance, some surgeries on your pet can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

USAA pet health insurance gives you the ability to choose the coverage options you want, as you can choose the kind of insurance you need, either for accidents only or accidents and illnesses.

And this controls the reimbursement amounts.

USAA pet health insurance covers pets of all ages, but if the pet exceeds 14 years, the insurance will cover accidents only.

It's worth knowing that you don't have to face the very expensive vet bills and that you will leave all of it to the insurance.

USAA Pet Health Insurance

Coverage details in USAA pet health insurance

USAA pet health insurance can cover accidents and illnesses as well as routine care for your pet.

1- Diseases and accidents plan includes:

 - Poisoning.

 - Swallowing of a foreign body.

 - Car accidents.

 - Wounds and cuts.

 - Dental trauma: the insurance covers dental accidents and diseases for up to 1,000$ per year.

 - Congenital conditions.

 - Physical therapy.

 - Scans.

 - ER visits.

2- Routine care for your pet includes: 

 - Routine vaccinations.

 - Routine vets' visits.

 - Training classes.

 - Massage.

 - Teeth cleaning.

3- USAA pet health insurance can also cover some pre-existing conditions including:

 - GIT disorders like diarrhea and vomiting. 

 - Respiratory infections. 

 - Urinary tract infections.

  That's in case your pet is symptom-free for a year.

4- The insurance doesn't cover some of the pre-existing conditions which are considered incurable or have no medical necessity, including:

- Diabetes.

- Cancer.

- Allergies. 

- Skin lumps.

- Hypo or hyperthyroidism.

- DNA testing.

- Cosmetic procedures.

USAA pet health insurance cost details

Determination of the cost of your pet insurance depends on many factors, like:

1- Type, age, gender, and breed of your pet.

2- Your location.

3- The type of coverage you prefer, either accidents only or accidents and illnesses.

Being a member of the USAA company gives you a 15% discount on your policy. If you are a military member, current or former, you will get up to a 25% discount. Pet insurance will cost you around 1$ a day as a maximum.

For example, your dog will cost you around 16$ and your cat will cost you only 9$ per month. But this differs according to your pet's age and breed.

USAA Pet Health Insurance

What are the special things in USAA pet health insurance

1- USAA pet health insurance is distinguished from other companies by giving discounts that reach up to 25%.

2- It has a flexible policy for treating pre-existing conditions.

3- USAA pet health insurance provides dental insurance to your pet that reaches up to 1,000$ per year for dental accidents or diseases. The insurance covers gingivitis, fractured or broken teeth, and root canals.

4- USAA pet health insurance is not exclusive to military members. Even if you are not a member of the USAA company, you can apply for pet insurance policies through Embrace.

5- The insurance covers all the medications prescribed by the vet after an accident or even a routine visit, but it doesn't cover medications prescribed for an old illness before getting the policy.

Waiting period

Your policy has a waiting period of 2 days in accidents and a maximum of 14 days in illnesses.

USAA Pet Health Insurance

USAA pet health insurance customer services

If you are a USAA member, you can log in to your account online and get free pet insurance.

If you are not a member, you can contact their customer service which is available 24\7.

Also, you can log in the Embrace's website and get a quote and provide some data about your pet e.g: its gender, age, breed, and also your zip code. Then you will be able to choose the suitable coverage you need.

Generally, Embrace has very good reviews from its customers, being very good in customer service and the services they provide. Embrace is rated 4.5 out of 5 according to many points including customer opinions, coverage, and cost.

Comparison between USAA pet health insurance, through Embrace pet insurance, and other companies in the USA

1- 24 Pet Watch companies are much more expensive than USAA pet insurance, although they provide the same coverage and services.

2- When we compare USAA with Met Life company, in the pet insurance field, we find that Met Life Insurance doesn't cover prescription food or dental trauma services.

Final verdict

USAA pet health insurance is a great choice for your furry friend as it provides it with the best medical services all over the USA.

Even if you are traveling a lot outside your state, you can visit any licensed vet or clinic and give your pet the help it needs. USAA pet health insurance helps you to keep your pet safe and healthy.


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