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Embrace pet health insurance is one of the most trusted companies for pet services, it provides all the necessary for your pet health, enroll your pet now!

First, we need to know the meaning of pet health insurance, a service which they achieve.

Many companies cover some of the high veterinary bills that you will get.

Sometimes you don't have enough money in your wallet to pay the bill, so you can use a credit card. This service is available to many vets.

If accidents happen for example, when you go for a walk with your dog and a snake bites your dog or when your pet falls into a hole and this make your pet has a broken leg or suffer from serious damage during walking or running, so pet health Insurance makes you no need for feeling worried about what will happen to your pet suddenly.

So you will feel at peace and relaxed in emergencies like that. So you should look for the right policy and the right provider that can cover chronic conditions and any other situations that threaten your pet's health.

Now we need to know some definitions to understand the policy and embrace pet health Insurance.


It is the amount of money you pay when you see a doctor and based on the amount you set.


This means the total amount of coverage that you get in a single year, you can adjust this amount with the company.

When your pet needs more coverage and care or you want to pay less per month and you exceed the maximum coverage, you should pay for the remaining cost. Even though some companies provide you with an option that lets you sign up and pay any extra for unlimited coverage, all of this is only for improving your pet's health.

Before you take your pet to the vet, you should know that you may wait for at least 14 days after buying a policy from a company, this is called the waiting period.

Before buying a policy, you should know that companies didn't cover preexisting conditions or injuries from previous accidents.

The meaning of pet health Insurance

Like human insurance, it helps you to cover costs when your pet injures or has other health problems.

Types of policy:

1- Accident policies:

That means It covers the accident that happened to your pet.

2- Illness and accident policies:

That cover vet bills after an accident

Other behavioral training and dental examinations, cleanings, and sometimes the cost of spaying or neutering pets for some months or for one year. 

embrace pet health insurance

Pet health insurance covers the following 

- Accidents and diseases.

- Cancer, chemotherapy.

- Diagnostic tests.

- Genetic conditions.

- Alternative therapies.

- Chronic diseases.

- Recurrence illness such as diabetes.

Pet health insurance doesn't cover the following typically

- Cosmetics.

- Vet vues.

- Behavioral treatment

- Orthodontic or endodontic conditions.

- Pre-existing conditions.

- Personal items such as shampoo, food, and supplements.

Don't forget that you need comprehensive coverage to make your pet dewormed or microchipped.

You also need to know there's no pet insurance policy that can cover everything. 

For example, the policy didn't cover some surgeries if it is not needed and also didn't cover high-cost ambulance rides.

Factors that affect pet insurance cost 

1- Age. 

2- Breed of your pet. 

Normal costs are between 10 $-100 $per month. Although dog insurance costs 60 $per month and on the other hand cat insurance cost25 $per month.

embrace pet health insurance

Example for pet insurance companies

Troponin against embrace pet health Insurance:

- If you have a dog or cat you will pay twice through troponin than embrace a pet insurance plan.

From that, we find that troponin plans are more expensive than embrace plans.

Disadvantages of troponin:

1- More expensive

2- Have a lifetime deductible 

3- Cover 90 %from costs 

4- Don't raise the rate after the pet's lifetime 

Advantages of embrace pet health Insurance:

1- Cheap.

2- Have an annual deductible.

3- Raise rates over a pet's lifetime.

4- Covers 90 %from costs.

5- You can choose payout percentage and co-insurance.

6- More flexible.

embrace pet health insurance

Embrace pet health Insurance against healthy paws

Advantages of health paws

1- Fast, takes 2days for dealing with the majority of problems.

2- Doesn't have annual limits or lifetime limits.

Disadvantages of healthy paws

1- Expensive.

2- Only cover dental injuries in accidents.

3- Doesn't cover behavioral treatments.

Advantages of embrace pet health Insurance over healthy paws

1- Cheap.

2- Cover dental health until 1000 $per year.

3- Cover behavioral treatments.

Embrace pet health Insurance against pumpkin

First, pumpkin insurance

- Encourage you to stay up to date with any routine vaccination recommended by your vet.

- Cover food and supplements

- Reimburse 90%of eligible vet bills 

- Alternative therapy doesn't have time limits

- No vet examination is required to receive coverage

Embrace pet health Insurance

- Cover or illness prevented by vaccine If your pet develops the illness deposit following your vet's vaccination recommendation.

- Doesn't offer coverage for food and supplements.

- Alternative therapy expenses for 12 weeks following diagnosis of covered illness or accident.

- Vet examination at least 12 months or 14 days Before receiving coverage.

The similarity between pumpkin and embrace pet health Insurance

- Illness waiting period 14 days.

- Annual deductible with a flexible pricing option.

- Diagnosis includes radiology and lab tests.


Call embrace Customer service during their working hours over the week or visit their website "my embrace" or by email or fax.

To enroll your pet into "embrace pet health Insurance" you need to do the following:

1- Your pet basic information on embrace website. 

2- Record from when your pet adapted or was born in less than 12 months. 

- So after that you can adjust your annual deductible, annual maximum and percentage of costs.

- You can cancel your embrace of pet health Insurance by email or phone within 30 days from the beginning of the policy if you didn't have any problems yet.

- Don't forget pet's which are 15 years or older have only accident coverage

By: Eman Samir 

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