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The K State Vet Clinic is a veterinary health centre of Kansas state university that introduces full veterinary services for companion, equine and farm animals.

K State Vet Clinic began as a small clinic 100 years ago aimed to improve the human animals bond, animal health and welfare by application of the developed technology in medicine, and veterinary training.

All k State Vet Clinic providers are board-certified veterinarians in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, radiology, reproduction, and exotic and zoological medicine.

Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine provides the final year students with critical training and support in all clinic's departments, it also supports all researchers who put discovering animal treatments at the centre of their attention.


K State Vet Clinic


1- Pet Health And Nutrition Center: 

In the K State Vet Clinic  pet health centre, all doctors, technicians, and students care for the pet in all life stages and also help the pet to have a healthier lifestyle by the healthy weight clinic.


A- Annual Wellness Exam: 

K State Vet Clinic provides annual wellness exams called preventive medicine to discover any disorder before it became a serious condition.

Annual Wellness Exam is very effective in veterinary medicine as these diseases may shorten the pets life but if detected early, the bet can live longer and happier.

Vets can evaluate all body systems during the pet visit and evaluate pet health state and the health changes during a short period as: 

1- Weight Issues.

2- Ear or Skin or Eye Infections.

3- Heart Condition.

4- Skin Tumors.

5- Painful Joints.

6- Tapeworm ilInfestations.

These disorders can cause severe discomfort sometimes becoming fatal, other diseases may be zoonotic.

Vets may recommend some tests to evaluate the pet medical condition as: 

1- Complete Blood Count to check for infection or anemia.

2- Chemistry Panel for organ and electrolyte evaluation.

3- Urinalysis.

4- Thyroid Screening.

5- Heartworm Check.

6- FELV/FIV Screen in Cats.

7- Blood Pressure Reading.

8- Fine Needle Aspirate.

9- X-Rays.

10- Tear test.

11- Glaucoma Check.


B- Vaccination:

kittens and puppies are born with immature immune systems so they are highly susceptible to disease.

They only have part of immunity via colostrum from their mothers' milk in the first few days after birth.

Colostrum provides the newborns with immunity which is called maternal immunity by important protective proteins against a wide range of diseases. 

Due to varies between individuals, there is no definite time at which this immunity is gone So K State Vet Clinic takes the responsibility to vaccinate your pet.

The first dose starts around 6-8 weeks of age, Booster doses are administered every 2-4 weeks until around 16 - 20 weeks of age to reduce the opportunity window.

Pet owners should know that the vaccine is not a guarantee that the pet will never get that disease as several factors affect the pet’s immune response to vaccines, and some vaccines may only minimize the effects of the disease as: 

1- Bordetella.

2- Feline Herpes.

3- Caliciviruses.


C- Dentistry:

Pets always eat and act normally even with extensive dental disease, the only markable sign is that they are slowing down or not able to do certain activities anymore.

K State Vet Clinic dentistry section do annual exams with the evaluation of their mouth health to discover any abnormalities as: 

1- Periodontal Disease.

2- Broken Teeth.

3- Tooth Resorption.

4- Malocclusions (misalignment of the bite).

Pet’s dental care is performed by a professional veterinary technicians team to make sure that your pet leads a happy life.


D- Faecal Exams: 

Faecal exams are an essential diagnostic test for pets to maintain the pet’s good health. 

Pets under one year old should do 3-4 faecal exams throughout their first year of life. 

Adult pets should have a minimum of two faecal exams per year as part of their wellness regimen.


K State Vet Clinic


2- Exotic Animals:

K State Vet Clinic provides wellness care, specialized diagnostic tests, medical and surgical care and emergency medicine to exotic companion and zoological animals to provide zoo animals with excellent and professional care.

Exotic companion animals: 

1- Hedgehogs.

2- Ferrets.

3- Rabbits.

4- Guinea pigs.

5- Chinchillas and degus.

6- Rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and other rodent species.

7- Sugar gliders.

8- Captive birds: psittacines, passerines, poultry.

9- Reptiles as turtles, tortoises, lizards and snakes.

10- Fish.

11- Frogs and other amphibious animals.


K State Vet Clinic


3- Equine services:

K State Vet Clinic provides high-quality veterinarians with board-certified Veterinary Specialists in Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Theriogenology (reproduction).

Although they provide high-quality primary and referral services as well as Emergency Services 24 hours a day.


4- Renovations and Livestock Service:

K State Vet Clinic Renovations and Livestock Services producers as primary care veterinarians are available to make farm calls, hospitals veterinarians are available to client animal care in-house for:

1- Beef and Dairy products.

2- Sheep, Goats, and Camelids. 

K state vet clinic diagnostic laboratory has a weekly update with disease trends as: 

1- Rabies.

2- Anaplasmosis. 

3- Johne's disease.


5- Shelter Medicine: 

K State Vet Clinic is in cooperation with a community-based organisation to provide veterinary students with academic courses to enhance their awareness, As a result, graduates are expected to be capable to provide leadership and service to their future communities in many ways: 

1- Understanding their role as leaders in animal healthcare and welfare.

2- Participate as proficient advisors for shelters in their communities.


6- Emergency critical care services: 

K State Vet Clinic is open 7 days per week/ 24 hours per day for any emergency care or critical condition.


K State Vet Clinic


7- Pre-Clinical Trials: 

Clinical trials have an important role in drug discovery and development processes so all health care providers including physicians, pharmacists, and veterinarians put clinical care at the core of their interests to evaluate new treatments or diagnostic tests for various diseases including cancer.

These medications may be for prevention and treatment of the disease or improving patient outcomes and quality of life for the patients and their families.

K State Vet Clinic offers clinical trials in which their pets owners have the choice to be involved in the pre-clinical trials stage.


How to make an appointment: 

To make an appointment for the Pet Health Center or Specialty Services: 

please call 785-532-5690.

To make an appointment with Equine and Livestock Services:

please call 785-532-5700.



K State Vet Clinic mission is to provide high quality veterinary medical education and animal care as a routine, speciality, and emergency care.


To maximise the benefits from the visit, you should prepare your pet or your animal as well as your inquiries.


Don't feel shy to ask the veterinarian about your animal health condition, diagnosis and treatment strategies.

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By: Dr. Esraa Hassan Khamis

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