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Purina animal health is a home for animal lovers around the world. You can discover this from the first moment you enter the company that Purina flies around the animals, starting with the art on the walls or from the cats and dogs that employees bring to work every day.


Purina animal health

About Purina:

Purina animal health is a subsidiary of Nestle that was founded 19 years ago in December 2001. It produces dog food, cat food, cat and dog litter, and animal health products.

Some of its brands are Friskies, Purina One, Beyond, Muse, Cat Chow, Dog Chow, Fancy Feast, Beef, and Alpo.

It is a huge company with a great number of employees that reached 1500 around the world and 8000 in North America in 2016.

It is the second-largest animal food company globally after the first Mars petcare and the largest in the 

The United States.

Healthy highly productive animals are our goals in Purina Animal Health. We are the leader of this industry for 125 years and aiming to lead it also for the next 125 years.

Quality assurance is very important to us as the name of Purina Animal Health so we test each product at every step and neglect any ingredient that fails to reach our standards.

Purina Animal Health has a team that has analyzed 1500 nutrients combinations.

These researches like digestive physiology, metabolism, growth, and metabolism to get new formulas that give healthy and strong animals.



Ingredients of loved products:

This industry begins with understanding the animals and the nutrients it needs to live its best life.

The food at Purina Animal Health not just a mix of ingredients.

The animal’s nutrition at Purina is to support the overall health of the animal.

So Purina keeps a close eye on each ingredient itself, every detail, and its origin. They know exactly who made it, when it was made and where it is going.

Each ingredient has a purpose that helps the animal life to be the best.

This can be achieved by selecting partners who supply Purina Animal Health with meat, vegetables, and grains. 


Steps of Industry:

-Every ingredient is inspected for quality before using it in formulating your animal nutrition.


-Then these perfect ingredients are mixed in just the right proportions according to the product’s recipe.


-Wet ingredients are added to dry ingredients to form a dough that is then cooked to make its kibble shape which passes through a dryer to be ready to fill the bags.


-After food passes through thousands of quality and safety tests, it becomes ready for your animal bowl.

These ingredients include:


Purina puts protein in every single recipe to give a strong formulation for animal nutrition.

These proteins can be Anchovies, Arctic Char, Beef, Beef, and bone meat, Beef by-product, Beef hide, Canola meat, Catfish, Chicken, chicken by-product, and chicken breast.




Purina Animal Health only selects carbohydrates sources that deliver energy to animals.

These carbohydrates may be Barley, Brewers rice, brown rice, cassava root flour, cellulose fiber, chicory root, citrus pulp, corn bran, corn germ, dried beet pulp, ground mullet, and ground yellow corn.


3-Fats and oils

Purina Animal Health gets its sources only from nutrients rich fats and oils with great benefits to animals.

These sources may be animal fat, bacon fat( preserved with BHA and citric acid), beet fat, beef tallow preserved with mixed tocopherols, fish oil, canola oil, chicken fat naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, corn oil, palm oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and soybean oil.


4-Taste and texture

Great taste play an important role in animal health

Some ingredients give the food good taste and texture like added color, animal digest, artificial and natural flavors that may be ascorbic acid, avocado, baby clam, bacon, basil, beef broth, beef, and chicken broth, BHA(preservative), BHT (preservative)



Purina Animal Health provides essential minerals to match animal needs

These minerals may be calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, calcium iodate, calcium lactate, ca phosphate, calcium creature, copper proteinate, calcium sulfate, Defluorinated phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, ferrous sulfate, and magnesium sulfate 



Balanced combinations of vitamins also are important in Purina formulations

These may be beta carotene, biotin, ca pantothenate, choline chloride,d-calcium pantothenate, folic acid, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin supplement, and thiamine mononitrate.



7-Amino acids

The power of amino acids supports animal health.

 These amino acids may be DL-methionine, L-carnitine, L-cysteine, L-lysine monohydrochloride, and L-tryptophan.

Purina animal health

Their products, gifts to the beloved animals:

Purina animal health make a revolution in the animals’ world through their innovative products to maintain the good health of animals

These products are used for:


Allergen reduction

-Purina pro plan live clear is the first of its type of cat food that decreases the allergen in-car hair and dander by an average of 47% starting to appear in the third week of daily feeding.


-Purina pro plan live clear allergen reducing salmon and rice formula dry cat food.


-Purina pro plan live clear allergen reducing sensitive skin and stomach turkey formula dry cat food.


-Purina pro plan live clear allergen reducing chicken and rice formula dry cat food.


-Purina pro plan live clear rinse-free allergen reducing cat shampoo. This formula is 99.8% natural, hypoallergenic and balanced PH for cats that you don’t need to wash as it is rinse-free.


Healthy aging

-Purina pro plan adult 7+ bright mind chicken and rice formula that promotes alter-ness and mental sharpness in senior dogs. This formula is made with brain-supporting materials that contain antioxidants, vitamin B, and arginine.


-Purina pro plan prime plus adult 7+ chicken and rice formula dry food to improve the lives of cats. This formula is made with chicken as the first ingredient and vitamin A to improve the cats’ vision.


-Purina one + plus indoor advantage senior 7+ dry cat food to support the health of cats age 7and older.


Digestive Health

Purina Animal Health uses the power of nutrients to support the digestive system of cats and dogs by adding prebiotic fiber.

These products include:

-Purina pro plan adult complete essential shredded blend beef and rice.


-Purina pro plan adult complete essential chicken and rice formula.


-Purina one smart blend digestive health formula with real chicken dog food.

-Purina is one sensitive system of cat food.


Probiotics for calming dogs

-Purina pro plan veterinary supplements calming care that make dogs able to cope with loud noise and new people.


How Purina Animal Health protects our environment?

Purina works hard to reduce energy, water, and wastes from operations, also working to perfect packing and transporting products using highly efficient methods.

80% of Purina animal health packaging is recyclable and the remaining 20% perform trials to explore the use of new materials.

They wish to make 100% percent of packing recyclable by 2025.


Packages of our products are recyclable including wet food canned products that are made of aluminum or steel that can be recycled resulting in a decrease in waste.

Recycling 75% of all aluminum waste would prevent 11.8 million metric tons of co emissions.



Purina animal health is your way to maintain your animal health and then your health as one health.

Purina promises to protect your environment.

Let your first choice for your animal be Purina.

By: Dr.Mariem elkholy

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