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KMS Hair Products brand cares about your style and its durability. The special KMS hair stay line helps to prolong styling products for more style hold. They are humidity resistant with a better finish. Professional stylists strongly recommend this brand to achieve the beauty of your look.

KMS hair Products

About KMS Hair Products:

KMS Hair products have the vision that "Great style may not save the world but it can make your day". What matters to the company is creating professional styling. They inspire it from world places that are most inspiring as urban, runways, the streets, and fashion districts. The visual language of style unifies creative persons and for this reason, KMS cares greatly about hairstyles. Its product organization and creation are affected and inspired by the styles they see in the community. 


Product lines offered by KMS Hair Products:

They provide a wide variety of products that satisfy all hair styling needs. Formulas vary among those adding volume, controlling curls, and bringing waves.

KMS Hair Products also contributes to treating hair conditions like dry, damaged, oily, frizzy, and limp hair by its formulas. Dandruff and business can also be controlled. Women can get their personalized product recommendations easily whether they are looking for a suitable shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, or hair play products. You can find what you need by selecting the line or category you want.

The available lines include:



-Color Vitality

-Curl Up




-Moisture Pair




KMS HairStay styling products:

This line of KMS Hair Products provides a solution that increases the durability of your look. They prolong the effect of styling agents and your look lasts for up to 27 hours. Popular products are:

1- KMS Hairstay Working hairspray:

This product leaves a touchable movable finish for your hair. It is the creative Finisher that provides fast-drying. It is buildable and workable.  



-It allows you to play and rework the shape, it's easily brushed and changes the look.

-A dry hairspray giving a touchable movable finish.

-More spray gives more hold so it provides good aid to create and build any style.

Suggested use:

By spraying 10-12" from dry hair. You Can work with your hands or add more spray to obtain more hold.


It contains flexible sealing compounds:

-VP/Vinyl Caprolactam/DMAPA which gives flexible hold.

-VP/VA copolymer increases durability.

-Pomegranate has a powerful antioxidant effect and Shields the hair against UV rays.

-Pepper gives a natural shine to the hair. 


-Suitable for all hair types.

-Offers workable control for any style.

-Humidity resistant

-Dermatologist tested 

-UV filter

-Heat protection

-Doesn't contain Mineral oil 

-Doesn't contain Wheat 

-Doesn't contain Paraben 

-Free from animal-derived ingredients


2- KMS Hairstay Anti-humidity Seal:


 It Shields the hair and protects it against humidity and frizz for up to 27 hours keeping a simple, shiny, and weightless-looking hairstyle.


 It is perfect for all hair types. It also can be used as a non-greasy shine formula giving realistic hair shining without too much reflection, so it is suitable as a final step before the photoshoot.


-Trisiloxane -Dimethicone-polymer -Pomegranate.


3- KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing spray:


-It Produces a fast-drying strong hold without the crunch and with no residue or flaking.

-Not sticky.


Apply  10-12" from the final style.


Contains Flexible sealing compounds 

-Acrylates / t-Butylacrylamide Copolymer 

-VP/VA Copolymer 




-Quickly drying amazing hold .

-Touchable look that is perfect for looks to last.





4- KMS Hairstay Molding Pomade:


-Used to give a reshapable, polished look. It offers 100℅ grooming and 0℅ greasiness.

-Provides extraordinary shine that is not sticky.

Suggested use:

It is used or molded with fingers or comb to produce a sophisticated sleek look.


-Acrylates Copolymer - styling polymer for stronghold

-Glycerine as a moisturizer for a shiny look 


-Suitable for all hair types 

-Doesn't contain Alcohol 


5- KMS Hairstay Hard Wax:


It is pliable and allows easy creation of textured looks which can be reshaped and redefined throughout the day. And it's dry in consistency and leaves a realistic finish of hair style without the greasy texture of classic wax.

Suggested use:

By emulsifying a small amount in the palms and applying it through dried hair.


Lanolin Wax - Lanolin Cera - Cire De Lanolin - Castor Oil 


-Gives a Flexible long-lasting texture with realistic shining.

-Its flexibility allows for making reworkable looks.

All KMS Hair Products are multi-compatible and produce the best results when they are used in 3 steps regimen (Start - Style - Finish)

To offer reliable products for customers, the company strives to improve and update its products from time to time.



KMS Hair products support the great diversity of human hair texture and types. They are interested mainly in the creativity of great styles and caring about the fantastic looks. KMS Hairstay line offers you all you need to select and build up the look you love. Whatever the nature of your hair you can find what you need.

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By/ Dr. Hanan Abdou 

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