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Pet health savings accounts are one of the good choices if you want to save your wallet budget to cover the veterinary care costs needed for your pets. These health reimbursement accounts are a choice for health insurance coverage. As the care your pet needs costs a lot of money, people are starting pet health savings accounts to help them get a health plan with saving your money. Here, we let you know more about savings accounts if you consider opening savings spending accounts at a bank.

Pet health savings accounts

What are pet health savings accounts?

Pet health savings accounts is a specific type of veterinary health savings accounts people can find at some credit unions and banks that helps you save money on health care for their pets. A pet medical savings account is different from other savings accounts as it can offer special advantages and benefits like higher interest rates and discounts on pet insurance. It is considered a pet's banking account.

Pet health savings accounts

Which conditions can a savings account be used for?

A pet checking or savings account offers you a plan to cover your animal medical care costs of any pet health-related expenses including:

• Annual comprehensive pet veterinary care cost

• Pet insurance deductibles and premiums 

• Pet vaccinations  

• Unexpected  healthcare expenses

• Purchase of a new pet

• Obedience and Training classes

• Pet Grooming costs

• Food and treatment costs

• Buying pet accessories and toys 

Pet health savings accounts

What are the advantages? 

  • Put Away money from your schedule

If you use a savings account, You can Put money aside from your schedule as you need, unlike Insurance companies that require monthly contributions. If you rely on this account, you could put away money as often as you like 

  • Lucky pet owner

If you are lucky and have a healthy dog or cat that does not require any medical care and treatment, You will get extra money at the end of your animal life.

  • No middleman

You can spend money directly for medical treatment without the need for a "middleman"

What are the disadvantages? 

  • Need precision 

Indeed, you can often put away money in pet savings accounts, however, you don’t always have the strength of will about that. 

  • Unlucky pet owner

If you are unlucky and your pet requires frequent medical health care, check-up, and treatments, you will not afford pet medical bills and your savings will not have enough money for the treatments and follow-ups.

  • Pre-existing conditions

If your dog or cat has a pre-existing illness, it does not mean that they will never get another health problem in the future. Therefore, you have to spend the current medical costs and continue to save for other conditions that may occur in the future. Pets are like humans as they tend to get more medical issues as they get older. 

Pet health savings accounts

Savings Accounts versus health Insurance: Which is the best?

Which is the best of the two policies? here you will get the proper answer.

Our pets are an important part of our family members and they may require a visit to the veterinarian. Even annual examinations, vaccinations, and routine preventive care can be quite costly when you gather all these costs for the year. 

We found that many people advise opening a savings account to help pet owners pay for their pet’s healthcare needs, rather than buying pet insurance plans. They recommend you to put the money that would be wasted on health insurance premiums into the account instead, and when you need to visit a vet, your money will be available there to pay for the wellness visit. 

We think that who gives this advice misses an important point regarding the health insurance plan.  Indeed, pet insurance plans do not cover all the expenses related to a pet’s vet health as routine examination and care, and you still have to meet deductibles. However, insurance plans provide a policy that helps us bridge and cover the financial gap when we have large, unexpected, and unplanned expenses and we don’t have enough average savings to cover it. You can never expect when you may face a large unexpected expense.

In our opinion, the best advice is to have both policies;  savings account and pet insurance, not have one in place of the other. Most pet owners may benefit from having a three-forked strategy to pay for pet wellness — pet insurance, savings, and credit.

Put in mind that the best time to start savings, apply for Care Credit, and buy pet insurance is now before unexpected unplanned expenses happen. Therefore, if your pet gets serious illnesses or injury, especially in an emergency and accidents, you will be no worry about payment of expense cost.

Pet health savings accounts


If you want to provide your cats and dogs a happy healthy life, It is recommended for you to put your money into a Pet health savings accounts and enrolling in vet insurance. The savings accounts can help you with lower costs such as insurance deductibles and wellness visits, while pet insurance can help you pay for the big unexpected costs such as diabetes and hip dysplasia. Therefore, make sure you have a good pet care plan that you can rely on so your pet gets the best quality care when they need it.

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Written by Dr. Shimaa 

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