Simple Home Remedies For Dry Eyes| The Best 13 Home Remedies

Simple home remedies for dry eyes, dry eyes are a very common problem, especially in elderly people. dry eyes occur as a result of poor quality tears.

Simple home remedies for dry eyes

Causes of dry eyes:

-Some eye diseases 

-Side effect of taking some medications 

-Sleep deprivation 

-Spending more time on computer, mobile or digital device

 -Using contact lenses.

Whatever the causes, When you have dry eyes you can feel with: 

-There’s something in your eye

-Light sensitivity


-Blurry vision


Sometimes, dry eyes produce a lot of tears. It happens as a result of a lack of moisture that irritates your eye. 

It's very similar to what happens when you get the sand in your eyes and it works. But these tears don't act like normal tears because they are mostly water.

Simple home remedies for dry eyes

Simple home remedies for dry eyes:

1-Eyelid wash

This method is considered one of the best simple home remedies for dry eyes.

Wash your eyelids by using a gentle cleanser or preservative-free eyelid cleanser. Put a little on your hands and rub it until it's foam. Close your eyes and massage it with the soap into the base of your eyelids, near your eyelashes. Keep your eyes closed, wash your eyes with warm water.

This way is another way for keeping your eyelids clean. It helps your eyes produce better quality tears. 

Repeat this way in the morning and night to relieve and prevent dry eyes.


2-Warm compress

Put a cotton cloth with warm water and put it on your eyes for no more than 10 minutes if you feel it is cold, rewet it with more warm water and warm it again. It can increase circulation and stimulate the production of tears. When you finish washing your face with lukewarm water. you can do this twice daily as simple home remedies for dry eyes for many days until you feel your eyes are better.


3-Coconut oil

Do you know that coconut oil can reduce inflammation that irritates your eyes and also ‏reduce evaporation from your eyes ‏because it creates a protective layer over the eye tear layers, And that's a good way to solve the problem of dry eyes?

So, You can put a cotton ball in coconut oil and place it directly on your closed eyelid. You can do this several times daily until your dry eyes feel better. 

Simple home remedies for dry eyes

4-Omega -3

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for the health of our body. It's one of the nutrients that fight dry eyes. Research results have shown that eating omega-3 fatty acids may stimulate product tears and create quality tears that lubricate your eyes more effectively.

‏So omega-3 fatty acids have to be one of the nutrients that go into our daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are found naturally in foods like salmon, anchovies, sardines, tuna, flax seeds, chia seeds, palm, soybean oil, and walnuts. You can also take omega-3 supplements or other fish oil capsules.


5-Add vitamins to your diet

Simple home remedies for dry eyes also contain many vitamins. There is a link between vitamin D and dry eye, Also there are some vitamins that are important for eye health like vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin C.

To protect your eyes from dry eyes you can eat a more balanced diet or add supplements.

Simple home remedies for dry eyes


Studies show that caffeine may reduce dry eyes as simple home remedies for dry eyes by increasing production in the tear glands. You should be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine because if you take too much it can make you jittery and cause insomnia. 

But if you drink caffeine, increase your intake a bit to see if it helps your dry eyes.


When you wear sunglasses outdoors especially in windy weather you can protect your eyes from drying.

Simple home remedies for dry eyes


Changing your environment is also a way for simple home remedies for dry eyes but stay away from cigarette smoke, use eye cream for humidity in the winter, and don’t sit directly in front of fans and air conditioners, you can use this way if a topical remedy doesn’t help.


9-Stop smoking 

The composition of the tears is changed by smoking so it can cause dry eyes because the smoke of cigarettes has more than 7000 chemicals which can make eyes irritating. It's recognized that smoking and eye health don't mix.

Smokers have more risks of dry eyes, so if you're a smoker try to stop. If you don't smoke try to stay away from areas with thick smoke.


10-Rest your eyes

The studies of the national institutes of health show that the light of computer screens, television, digital devices, and smartphones affect your dry eyes. So keep far away from them as simple home remedies for dry eyes.

When the screen flashes drop, this can reduce the chances of dry eyes. Another study says that ineffective flashing can block the fluid layer designed to nourish and entertain the eye as your eyelid does not cover the all surface of the cornea. This layer of fat may evaporate completely due to ineffectual flashing.

Always take a break from sitting on the computer to relax your eyes and reduce the chances of dry eyes.

Simple home remedies for dry eyes

11-Drink More Water

Drinking water is good for your eyes. This water allows your eyes to produce tears. Your eyes can't remove or flash debris comfortably or even see if you aren't properly hydrating them well.

For overall health and proper eye health, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


12-Drink less Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not good for your eyes. The studies of the national institutes of health show that there is a connection between dry eyes and alcohol.

You should limit alcohol intake, or eliminate it, to avoid your eyes from dry eyes.


13-Use humidifier and filter

You can put a pan of water near the heat or the radiator that can add moisture to dry indoor air. The air cleaner that filters dust and other particles is a simple home remedy for dry eyes.

In the end, I like to say that the eye is a very sensitive part of the human body and we should preserve it and take care of it and have its routine to reduce the chances of dry eyes or any other diseases.

By: Eman Elnny


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