The Magic American Crew Boost Powder For Men Hair

American crew boost powder is one of many products that belong to the American crew brand, the most famous in the USA that is important for all men's needs.

American crew boost powder

What is the American crew?

It is a brand started in America in 1994 by stylist David Raccuglia. This brand is the first brand found for men. It is considered a landmark in men's history of grooming.

Now the American crew is in the most professional men's grooming world. It is interesting with all things belonging to men's hairstyle, shaving, body, and products associated with them.

American crew boost powder:

One of the most popular products of the American crew brand. It is a powder for hair stylings. This powder makes hair appear with a volume and anti-gravity with matte style. Hair after applying powder looks more thick, vital, and non-shinier.

The powder is low weight, has a good odor, and has a nongreasy touch on hair.

American crew boost powder

Active ingredients of American crew boost powder:

  1. Water or aqua.

  2. Silica silylate; make hair more flexible and give it volume.

  3. Propylene glycol; leave hair moisturized and soft.

  4. Citric Acid; restoring hair vitality.

Uses of the American crew boost powder:

Used for men to make a style for her because it makes hair appear with a matte finish, thicker, and with a vital look.

It is free of oil or water so it gives a non-shiny appearance.

How to use American crew boost powder?

It is easy to use. Shake the American crew boost powder many times to lose the powder before use and then put a small amount of powder on your hand and spread it on dry hair including the root of the hair. It is used with American crew cream or any other American crew product to increase the volume of hair.

American crew boost powder

Hair types, that American crew boost powder is suitable for:

It is best used for short, thin, and moderate hair length.

It is a very good choice for short dry hair but it may also be used for long hair by applying small amounts only on roots.

Range Price of American crew boost powder:

The price of powder ranged from 18 dollars in the USA to 15 euros in the UK.

It is considered economical because its weight is low and a small amount is sufficient to give a natural healthy non-shiny look to hair.

Where to buy American crew boost powder?

It is available online at Amazon and other big shopping sites.

American crew boost powder

Healthy routine for short thin hair:

Before interesting in hair styling you must have a suitable good routine for your hair to get a healthy look to hair such as:

1-Using a good shampoo:

- Suitable for short thin hair, Shampoo must be free of sulfate and silicone because this chemical agent destroys the hair and makes it drier.

- You may try using shampoo from the American crew such as daily shampoo that contains natural ingredients such as vitamin b5 that has a great effect on hair. This shampoo is free of sulfate and suitable for daily use.

2-Using shampoo for dandruff:

- If it is found you must treat it as it damages your hair and causes it to fall off. American crew detox shampoo is the best choice in this case as it has a strong cleansing effect on the scalp without damaging it.

- Ingredients of detox shampoo are natural such as coconut shell that makes hair soft. And also has mint that refreshes your scalp. It contains vitamin b5 for healthy hair. It contains also Manicouagan Clay which is useful for the scalp as it has essential minerals like zinc, calcium, and iron.

3- Using a suitable good conditioner:

- After using shampoo you need a good conditioner to restore the moisture of the hair.

- A daily moisturizing conditioner from the American crew is very good for using as it is free of silicone and its natural ingredients leave your hair soft and ready for styling.

4- Cut your hair ends regularly:

- Going to the barber to cut your hair makes your hair look healthy. -You may cut your hair in-house by using a good clipper such as a Wahl clipper from the American crew. It has two speeds and cuts your hair professionally. You need to choose a haircut that makes your face look round.

5- Choose your hair styling product:

- You must choose a styling product that has a natural ingredient such as our great American crew boost powder we talk about in this article.

You may also try other products for hairstyling from the American crew as cream and fiber.

6- Don't use hot water:

- For washing your hair it preferred not to use hot water as it damages it, Also dry your hair gently after a shower, and if your hair is fragile make a blood test to see hemoglobin and serum ferritin as you may need vitamin supplements to treat anemia and take other supplements needed to hair as zinc and b5 vitamin.


Everybody needs to have a healthy hair look, So we need to use good products that help us get this look with no hazard on hair. American crew products are a good choice for hair and hairstyling for men as it has all-need products for all types of hair to make the perfect hairstyle.

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