Types Of Heels, The List Of The Top 25 Women Heels

Types of heels:





    Stacked heels




    Ankle strap



    Mary jane

    Cone heels

    Kitten heels

Types of heels are many and varied. Every woman chooses her favorite style according to her body shape, height, outfit, season, and the place she will go. We will talk briefly here in this article about the different types of high heels.


25 types of heels that attract women

Stacked heel

This type is a thick heel that looks like a chunkier block. Stacked heels can be like a stiletto or wedge form. The stacked heel is one of the most popular types of heels.

 a stacked cube heel


Scarpin or pumps

The classical form of heels. Pumps heels are about 1 inch; maybe a bit less or more. Pumps also known as court shoes; they are comfortable and can be worn on different occasions. Pumps with the appropriate bag will give you an attractive look.

a white pump



Attractive form of shoes with high and thin heels. Stilettos may reach up to 8 inches; this type is the highest known heel. Stiletto can come with a platform to avoid walking problems. Just choose the appropriate brand from here.

 a three of heels, two are pink and a silver one


Pin heels

The heel of this shoe is pencil like; it is long and thin.

 a combination of pin heels


Kitten heels

This type suits most activities and ages; in the past, it was known for young ladies. Kitten heels give you an elegant look without an extra height. Kitten heels are considered a stiletto heel but with a short heel; about 1 or 1.5 inches.

 golden kitten heel


Cone heel

These heels types look like you have an ice cream cone at the bottom of your heel.

 a black heels with cone heel



The sides of the heel are cut out so the arch of the feet is revealed; the toes also may be revealed. D’orsay types of heels are chic and unique.

a woman is tightening her heel strap 



Platforms whether thin or thick make the heels more comfortable; the cause is the short difference in height between the heel and the sole. Platforms are types of high heels that offer you a sexy lifted leg with less pain.

 a white heels with platform



In Wedge heels types of pumps and sandals; there is no separation between the heel and the sole; they are connected.

a combination of different shapes of wedge heels


High heel sandals

Varied types of heels but with sandals shape on the upper.

a combination of high heel sandals


Peep toe

The tip is cut away in these types of high heels to expose the large toes.

a red open toe sandal 


Open toe

The tip is cut away to expose all toes.

 a red open toe sandal


Sling back heels

Sling back heels are the opposite form of ankle strap as the straps go around the back of the leg.

a white sling back heels with flower bouquet and a letter


Ankle Strap

The straps are going around the ankle to make the shoes more tightly closed.

 an ankle white heels



Like ankle strap types of high heels but with a vertical strap to make a T-shape.

a white t-shaped strap heels


Cork heel

These heels are made of cork material that makes them softer. Their soft material makes them one of the most comfortable types of heels.

a woman sitting on the chair wearing a white dress and a white sandal



This type completes your outfit.

a brown heels with gladiators straps 


Mary Jane

A simple closed heels types with one or more across straps.

a white heel with mary jane style



A wide top and bottom heel; the heel is narrow at the middle.

a black pumps with t-shaped strap and a spool heel



Mules heels are those heels that have a high over the top which covers the upper of the foot. Mules can be with different heights and shapes.

a yellow heels 


Cut out heels

Any type of heels that has a cut out upper to give a funky look.

a two cut out heels with a light colors.


Corset heels

The two sides of the heels are tight together; this shape looks like a familiar corset.

a two heels with corset like, one is brown and the other is silver 


Fantasy heels

These types of heels are the heels with crazy and untraditional designs. This type of heels with an appropriate nail polish will shine you like a star.

a luxury designed heels


High heel boots

These types of heels suit winter days. High heel boots would be perfect with jeans, skirts, and even dresses.

a long boot with beige color


Ankle boots

In fall; high boots are overkilled to be worn, so ankle boots will be a perfect choice.

a combination of ankle boots with different colors like red,silver,black ,and tiger shaped one 

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