Vaginal Yeast Infection Bumps | Causes and Prevention

Some women suffer from vaginal yeast infection bumps, it's not always a serious condition, but sometimes it's annoying. They are easy to be treated at home by using simple home remedies.

The symptoms of a yeast infection depend on its location It may be present in the vagina, skin folds, mouth, corners of the mouth, or penis.

vaginal yeast infection bumps

What do vaginal yeast infection bumps look like

Vaginal yeast infection bumps are Itchy and uncomfortable, redness, swelling, or itching of the vulva (the folds of skin outside the vagina) a thick, white discharge that can look like cottage cheese and is usually odorless yeast.

Pain or burning when urinating or during sex, though vaginal yeast infection bumps can happen to anyone at any time.

The vagina normally contains a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast. But when something happens to tip that balance, a fungus called candida can grow out of control and cause a yeast infection.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection bumps 

- Itchiness

- Discomfort 

- Burning

- Redness

- Swelling of the vagina and the vulva 

- Pain during sex

- A thick, white, odorless discharge like cottage cheese

What Causes vaginal yeast infection bumps

- Hormones

- Pregnancy

- Breast-feeding 

- Menopause

- Oral contraceptives 

All that can change the balance in your vagina and cause estrogen level fluctuations.  

- Uncontrolled Diabetes

A high level of sugar can create a place for yeast to grow because it becomes a great medium for yeast to grow in the mucous membranes.  

- Weak immunity

Can increase also the risk for HIV infections and vaginal yeast infections.

- Sex

It can be also transmitted from person to person through sexual contact.

- Obesity 

It increases moisture in areas of skin folds.

- Tight synthetic clothes 

- Anatomy

A short distance between the vagina and anus increases the risk of microorganisms' presence.

vaginal yeast infection bumps

How to diagnose vaginal yeast infection bumps

Your doctor will review your medical history and do a physical and pelvic exam and examine the vaginal discharge.

Treatments for vaginal yeast infection bumps

- Fluconazole 

Antifungal cream or suppository can be prescribed for mild cases. But in moderate to severe cases, a fluconazole long treatment course is recommended.

- Condoms or diaphragms 

Recurrent vulvovaginal at least four times a year. 

A weekly fluconazole pill for 6 months is recommended.

Can shaving cause vaginal yeast infection bumps 

Removing pubic hair may therefore make a person more susceptible to common infections, such as UTIs, vaginitis, and yeast infections.

Hair removal can also irritate your skin, leading to skin infections such as cellulitis and folliculitis.

Can I get antibiotics without seeing a doctor

Some topical antibiotics are available over the counter, so you don't need to see a doctor for those.

You do need a prescription for oral antibiotics, but that doesn't mean you need to see a doctor in person, you can also speak with a healthcare provider via telemedicine to get the right prescription.

Can vaginal yeast infection bumps be treated with Probiotics

It is found that eating yogurt or taking Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements can slow the growth of vaginal yeast infections

How can vaginal yeast infection bumps are prevented 

- Avoid douching

- Avoid deodorants

- Avoid staying in wet clothing, especially bathing suit

- Use water-based lubricants

- Avoid overuse of antibiotics 

- Use cotton underwear

- Avoid tight clothes

- Good personal hygiene

vaginal yeast infection bumps

Foods that can help in the prevention of vaginal yeast infection bumps

- Dairy products such as yogurt or acidophilus milk

- Coconut oil

- Garlic oil   

- Simple sugars, like fruits

- White flour, glutinous grains

- Turmeric

- Apple cider vinegar 

- Tea tree oil

- Boric acid 

- Stress-reduction techniques, like meditation, yoga, and exercise to lower stress levels and protect the immune system.

- Sitz Bath for 10-15 minutes for 1-2 times a day

- Gently dry the area

How can vaginal yeast infection bumps cause bleeding

Vaginal yeast infection bumps are inflammation from itching, swelling, pain, and bleeding.

A spot of blood in underwear is a sign of light bleeding. The recurrent vaginal yeast infections can result in more bleeding  

When we visit a doctor 

- Any rash lasts more than 24 hours

- Fever

- Yellow or green vaginal discharge

- Yeast infection is not better within 3 days

How to differentiate between vaginal yeast infection bumps and urinary tract infections

UTIs are caused by a strain of bacteria called Escherichia coli (E.coli). 

E.coli is dangerous when it has a journey to the urethra and travels through the urinary tract, if left untreated, the UTI could reach the kidneys and cause damage

Symptoms of urinary tract infections

- High feeling to urinating

- An urgent need to urinate

- A burning sensation 

- Reddish, pinkish, or cloudy urine

Causes of UTI

- Sexually active

- Sex with a new partner

- Using spermicide or diaphragms

- Menopause

- Abnormalities in the urinary tract

- kidney stones 

- Using a catheter

- Recently have a urinary tract exam or operation

Treatment of UTI

When it comes to treating UTIs, antibiotics are the "first-line treatment.

Oral antibiotics, such as nitrofurantoin or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

Vaginal yeast infection bumps healing signs

How do you know if your yeast infection is getting better?

First, you will notice that vaginal discharge has returned to a normal consistency and smell.

Second, you will notice that itching has gone away, alleviating much of the discomfort associated with the infection.

Third, you will not notice any rash, swelling, or redness. 

How long does it take to recover from vaginal yeast infection bumps

Mild yeast infections may clear up in as few as three days, sometimes they don't even require treatment. However, moderate to severe infections may take one to two weeks to clear

How do I clean my vaginal yeast infection bumps

Relieve itching with a cold pack or a cool bath. Don't wash your vaginal area more than once a day. Use plain water or a mild, unscented soap. Air-dry the vaginal area.

Will an ice pack help vaginal yeast infection bumps

Cold compresses

Place a cold compress or ice pack (such as a bag of frozen peas or a frozen juice can wrapped in a tea towel) on your vulva to relieve burning and itching.


Some topical antibiotics are available over the counter, so you don't need to see a doctor for those.

You do need a prescription for oral antibiotics, but that doesn't mean you need to see a doctor in person.

You can also speak with a healthcare provider with telemedicine to get the right prescription.

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