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Virtua Women’s Primary Care helps women to be the best version of themselves.

If you are a woman, you need to balance caring for yourself with others' caring, to understand yourself, you need to understand what your health needs, learn time management, eat healthy food and do more exercises.

So you need to be a member of this health system!


Virtua Women’s Primary Care

A health system that provides care to women from 13 years old and up, it is directed by women practitioners who give appointment times to get to know the women they care for and understand the needs of their lives.

Virtua Women’s Primary Care compiled more than 14,000 colleagues, including over 2,850 skilled and sympathetic doctors, physician assistants, and nurses equipped with the latest technologies, treatments, and procedures to provide extraordinary care near home.

They have many awards for quality, safety, and excellent work environment. It includes 5 hospitals, and 7 emergency and urgent care units.

They bring life-changing resources and health services directly into the communities through eating Well food access programs, telehealth, home health, restoration, mobile screenings, paramedic programs, and effective online scheduling.

They are associated with Penn Medicine for cancer and neurosciences, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for pediatrics.

It includes many specialties like cardiovascular, maternity, newborn, organ transplantation, orthopedic, emergency unit, oncology unit, neurosurgery, and primary care.

Virtua Women’s Primary Care Location and phone


(401) Young Ave Ste (380)

Moorestown,(NJ 08057)




From Monday to Friday, hours differ each day and the appointments are flexible.


Virtua Women’s Primary Care services

- Checkup care every year includes detailed discussion and evaluation of all the effects on your overall health such as family medical history, fitness, nutrition, and emotions.

- The services give attention to women's risk factors for chronic diseases and their symptoms.

- Same-day sick-care visits, chronic disease management, immunizations, electrocardiogram, electronic prescriptions supervised directly with your pharmacy, and referrals to specialists when needed with flexible appointments.

-The availability of Virtua Urgent Care for sudden illnesses and injuries. Making appointments with specialists online, diagnostic imaging, procedures, and other services also can be checked online.

*Note that all of your records are compiled electronically for easy entry in case of emergency.

Virtua Women’s Primary Care clinicians

Sangita Doshi, Nermin Lazarus, Liesl Carey Miles, Beth Bergman, Juliet Lee, Wyndham Pursley.

Patient forms

- Welcome Letter

- New Patient Orientation

- Patient Registration

- Health History

- HIPAA Authorization to release health information

- Approval to Treat

- VMG Authorization

Virtua Mission

" Be well, Get well, and stay well! ", simply that is Virtua's mission.

Virtua is here for you in all your important and powerful moments, moments that define your life like holding your infant for the first time, when you visit a new place, when you are on the stage and receive your diploma certificate, or simply your powerful moments may be spending more time with your lovely family!

At Virtua all those moments matter, they are your trusted partner, helping you to live a healthy life.

Virtua Women’s Primary Care also helps all women to feel well, enjoy their moments, and live their lives to the fullest. 

It is your trusted choice for everyone's health care and wellness by demonstrating compassion and high reliability, in the highest quality, available, and organized care to the community through many services as mentioned before. To create a healthier community.

Financial Statements

It is a non-profit health system in Southern New Jersey, perpetuated to helpful governance and clarity in financial reporting.

Virtua mails information to the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) as part of its persistent acknowledgment requirements related to outstanding debt obligations.

You can understand Virtua's financial statements on EMMA by visiting ( EMMA’s home page, please review and accept the terms of use as required, and then search “Virtua” to access the information.



Virtua Women’s Primary Care and other virtual services have received various accreditations and respects over the years, spotting Virtua among a special class of leading health systems across the country. Awards like: 

Brand Recognition

Virtua has the top healthcare brand in New Jersey.

Consumer Loyalty

Virtua received 2018, 2019, and 2020 Consumer Loyalty Awards from NRC Health, Virtua was one of three hospitals from New Jersey to receive the award and was the only one to symbolize South Jersey.

Nursing Excellence

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) honored Virtua nurses with the prestigious Magnet recognition for their commitment, care, and quality outcome Magnet status is the highest national honor for the professional nursing practice.

Consumer Choice Award

Virtua received the 2016-2017 Consumer Choice Award from the National Research Corporation in its annual survey of consumers. So Virtua Women’s Primary Care should be your first choice for your healthy life!

Critical Care

7 units within Virtua’s hospitals have earned the Beacon Award for Excellence from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Medical-Surgical Care

Also received the Academy of MedSurg Nursing's Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-Surg (PRISM) Award.

Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation Care

received the 2019 Stroke Quality Achievement Award. Achievement Award for enforcing specific quality improvement measures for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation. 

Safety and Security

Virtua Security obtained the 2019 Program of Distinction award from the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.

Virtua Women’s Primary Care Reviews

- It provides women with the best health care. My Primary Care Provider is Juliet Lee. She listens to my health questions, and provides the care essential for a good outcome! I am very happy with her professionalism and her awareness of caring.

Thanks to Virtua Women’s primary care.

- Wyndham is incredible. She cares and listens to you when you talk. The appointment goes very comfortably, and I always feel like she has my best interest at heart with her treatment plan and recommendations.


Every beautiful woman, deserves a healthy lifestyle, need to manage her time, and finds a doctor easily when you are sick.

Hope you find all the information you need about Virtua Women's Primary Care, its missions, services, awards, and reviews.

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