What are The Best Oils For low Porosity Hair In 2022

Before Determining the best oils for low porosity hair, we should know what hair porosity is, how we can determine the degree of porosity, and can l change the porosity of hair.

Hair porosity 

Is the ability of hair to absorb and hold moisture.

Hair porosity affects the passage of oil and moisture in and out of the outermost layer of hair. 

What does hair consist of? 

Hair consists of three layers:

1- The cuticles

( protective layer of hair which overlap to each other)

2- The cortex

(Consist of fibrous protein which makes lt the thickest layer of hair, responsible for hair color ) 

3- The medulla

(Soft, central part of hair)

We should know the Type of porosity to determine the best oils for low porosity hair.

Type of hair porosity 

1- Low porosity

(Cuticles Are close together tightly)

2- Medium porosity 

(cuticles less bounded together)

3- High porosity

(There Are wide space between cuticles)

What Factors Affect the Porosity of hair?

1- Common factor genetics.

2- Ultraviolet exposure.

3- Bleaching, over washing, and using harsh products.

How can we determine the porosity of the hair and the best oils for low porosity hair? 

The simplest method is using a glass of water(float Method) 


1- Wash your hair with shampoo. 

2- Drop a dry single strand of hair into a glass filled with water. 

3- Watch the strand If sinks or floats. 

The Result:

- Low porosity, If the strand floats. 

- Normal or medium porosity, If the strand is present at the middle. 

- High porosity, If the strand sinks quickly. 

- In the case of low hair porosity, cuticles are bound together tightly which makes it difficult for hair to saturate with water and natural oils.

- Knowing the Type of hair porosity, helps us to use suitable oils for hair.

What Are the best oils for low porosity hair we should use? 

The best oils for low porosity hair which we can use:

  • Argan oil

  • Baobab oil 

  • Jojoba oil 

  • Grape seed oil

  • Poem guarantee oil

  • Apricot oil 

  • Sweet almond oil

  • Sunflowers oil 

  • Sesame seed oil 

  • Safflower oil

  • Rosehip oil 

  • Avocado oil 

  • Camelia seed oil 

We know that oils are recommended for low porosity hair, let's discuss some details about each oil.

1- Jojoba oil

- Consisting of fatty acids and esters formed from a straight chain of alcohol, this makes Jojoba oil good for hair that needs intensive moisture and protection. 

- This oil is similar to natural hair oil and sebum, so it's easily absorbed.

- We can say, Jojoba oil is one of the best oils for low porosity hair. 

2- Argan oil

- Is one of the best oils for low porosity hair. 

- It is also known as Moroccan oil. 

- Argan oil is found in limited areas and has a low yield per tree.

- 8 trees are needed to get 1L of Argan oil.

- Argan oil forms a non-evaporating layer surrounding the hair which moisturizes hair.

- Argan oil also contains 80%unsaturated fatty acid, Vitamin E, Ferulic acid  Which has a moisturizing effect and makes your hair healthy. 

3- Baobab oil (Derived from Baobab tree)

- Baobab oil is natural oil containing omega 6, omega 3, omega 9, and fatty acids which Consist of linoleic acid.

- Linoleic acid is known for its moisturizing abilities, which make Baobab oil the best oils for low porosity hair.

4-Grape seed oil

- It's the lightest oil used for low porosity hair.

- Extracted by cold Pressing of Grape seeds. 

- This oil is the most suitable oil for thin and oily scalp hair because It has a moisturizing effect without weighing hair down.

- It's also used as a strengthening and heat-protected agent.

5- Sweet almond oil (Derived from the almond tree)

This oil contains many constituents which makes It one of the best oils for low porosity hair such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin c, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and zinc. 

Best oils for low porosity hair

6- Pomegranate oil (Extracted from pomegranate fruit)

- We should use little to reach the benefit of this oil.

- This oil stimulating blood Flow causes nourishing hair.

- It contains punicic acid, vitamin c, and linoleic acid which stimulate hair growth.

Best oils for low porosity hair

7- Apricot oil 

- Apricot oil is one of the best oils for low porosity hair because It's easily absorbed, improving moisture absorption due to contamination of acid such as oleic acid.

- It contains alpha-linolenic acid, palmitic acid, and vitamin E, which nourish hair and maintain moisture.

Best oils for low porosity hair

8- Sunflowers seed oil (Extracted from sunFlower plants)

- It's suitable for low porosity hair because It's light and easily absorbed.

- Sun Flower oil contains vitamin A, vitamin E, which fights bacteria causing dry scalp due to antioxidant effect.

- One of the best oils for low porosity hair.

9- Sesame seed oil (derived from Sesame seed by cold Pressing)

- Antioxidant.

- It has moisturizing abilities due to contamination of vitamins and proteins.

Best oils for low porosity hair

10- Avocado oil

The heavier oil compared with the other but It's good for low porosity hair due to its ability to penetrate hair deeply and moisturize It.

11- Rosehip oil (derived from Rose pods) 

- This oil is rich in vitamin E which helps nourish the scalp and prevent dandruff, dryness.

- To make It one of the best oils for low porosity hair, mix It with Jojoba oil.

12- Safflower oil

- Safflower oil contains oleic acid and vitamin E.

- Oleic acid increases circulation on the scalp, strengthening the follicles and stimulating hair growth.

Safflower oil protects hair against high temperature.

- We consider as one of the best oils for low porosity hair

13- Camela seed oil 

- It has emollient properties, protecting hair from split ends.

- Mixing with Argan oil for effective results. 


- The best oils for low porosity hair are light oils which are easily absorbed.

- Don't use heavy oil such as castor oil and olive oil.

- Using heat is a way to break the cuticles down and allow moisture to penetrate the hair.

- Using warm water during hair washing allows absorption of moisture and other hair products.

- Olive oil isn't suitable for low porosity hair because It's heavy oil not absorbed still on the surface.

- Castor oil is very thick and can't penetrate low porosity hair.

- Castor oil and olive oil Are harmful for low porosity hair and cause hair weighing down.

Choose one from the best oils for low porosity hair which is suitable for your hair. 

By: Eman Samir 

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