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Animal health rewards is a program that earns loyal clients and keeps their pets healthy and happy and a way to say thank you for choosing this pet care center.

In the animal health rewards program more savings for members and making pets more healthy, more dollars back to the Veterinarian Clinic.

Animal health rewardsHow does this rewards program work for customers? 

First step:  Purchase products and earn points 

-Veterinary clinics and pet health care practitioners select supplies from a variety of participating eligible supplies including the Oxbow Simple rewards trademark.

-Each product is assigned to a specific point value. 

-They can submit their invoice within 60 days to earn points. 

( automatically every 10 points is worth 1 dollar).

Second step: Redeem points for rewards 

-Members can redeem those points( reach 100 points) for a pet care rewards Mastercard and a wide variety of gift coupons  from the online catalog including :

-Business-building rewards such as laptops. 

-Personal rewards such as movie tickets, sports equipment, and more. 

Third step: Gifts are spent on pet care

-Customers can use their pet care Mastercard to pay for anything in a pet and animals hospital ( whether it's a pet checkup, dental cleaning, treat their beloved pet, or take products) 

-How they spend their gifts is up to them, as long as they spend on caring for pets.

How does this method work for veterinarians? 

The animal health rewards strategy encourages up and repeats purchases that translate to brand loyalty and increased sales without profit/discounts or offers.


Animal health rewards

Terms and conditions ( policy) of the animal health rewards program 

1-It is available for free to US citizens in 48 states only. 

2-Only 1 account is permitted to join per mailing address. 

3-Dots aren't transferred in any way and will expire after 2 years if not redeemed. 

4-Dots can expire for all accounts that are inactive for more than 12 consecutive months. 

5-All dots accumulated under this plan are promotional and have no cash value. 

6-If it's determined that the client violated these terms and conditions, they reserve the right to terminate any account. 

7-Animal essentials Inc. Reserves the right to cancel the healthy rewards program at any time and in its sole discretion, no compensation is required as points are promotional and have no cash value. 

Can points be transferred to another person? 

No, dots can't be transferred and cannot be sold as a gift to another person. 

Animal health rewards

Examples of eligible products found in this project:

Oxbow Simple products for pet care 

Oxbow Simple rewards baked treats rich with the best favorite flavor:

Baked food mixed with fiber for rodents ( chinchillas, gerbil, hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice )

-Apple and Banana. 

-Bell Pepper. 

-Carrot and Dill. 



Oxbow Simple rewards :

-Veggie treats. 

-Timothy treats. 




Animal health rewards plan attracts new customers and cultivates brand loyalty. 

It is a money-saving and pet care service. 

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By: Dr.Hagar M. Gomaa 


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