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Caring for your animal's health is a big responsibility so an animal health care center will help you to fulfill in caring for your pets and treat their diseases.

If you are interested in animals and want to have a pet in your home, this article will be very useful for you.

The animal health care center is an organization that provides veterinarian services for your pet and all they need throughout their life.

What services does an animal health care center provide?

 Animal health care center provide high-quality health care and treat your pets as if they are their own to ensure that your pets receive the best care they deserve.

animal health care center

1- Wellness care 

Veterinarians in animal health care center believe prevention is better than cure so they aim to keep your pets healthy and free of all possible diseases as long as they can.

Preventive care starts from the first moment you have a pet in your home, you should bring your pet to an animal health care center to do a check-up and make sure that your pet is free from all medical problems.

Some animals are more exposed to certain diseases than others, so in an animal health care center , you will take the most suitable vaccine schedule to protect your pets from susceptible diseases.

Many changes can occur for your pet in a short time, so we need to be ready to prevent any health issues instead of treating them.

animal health care center

2- Dental care 

 Dental problems start early at the age of 3 years and many dental problems are non-visible as they are below the gumline.

Bad odor is considered a sure sign for dental problems then tartar builds up causing gingivitis, bleeding gums, and tooth decay.

Dental diseases are serious as they may cause blood-borne diseases and affect the heart, kidney, and liver so you should bring your pet to an animal health care center to visit your dentist and clean his mouth from tartar. 

3 - Microchipping 

It's a new way to prevent losing your pet and ensure a safe return if they become lost.

The animal health care center will help you to microchip your pet to make sure that you will stay together.

4 - Holistic medicine 

Holistic medicine or integrative medicine means using traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, supplement, and diet, and also western methods (treatments and medications ) to achieve desirable results for the overall patient and treat all diseases.

 Integrative medicine offers more choices for treatments of many diseases that traditional medicine cannot treat.

Western medicine aims for hemostasis and enables the body to rebalance and heal itself.

5- Veterinary geriatric patient care 

 With the advancement of veterinary medicine, animals live longer and this allows more diseases to occur due to exhaustion of their organs.

In the animal health care center, there are many diets, supplements, medications, and therapies to treat your pet according to their diseases and affected organs. 

animal health care center

6- Nutritional counseling 

Nutritional needs for your pet change with the progress of age so you should ask for advice about the nutrition of your pets.

In an animal health care center, doctors will evaluate your pet and according to their age, size, and breed to find the most suitable nutritional plan for your pet. 



Your pet is a member of your family and should receive special care as animals have the right to live life away from diseases and suffering.


By. Dr. Fatma.Ragab


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