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1,529 Hits - Jul 29, 2021, 9:28 PM - Nadia Eskander
Mouth ulcers are, for the most part, harmless sores that form inside your mouth or at the base of your gums. White, yellow, red, and even grey are common colors. Mouth ulcers are not fatal, but they are painful. Multiple sores can occur in some situations, compounding the discomfort. Eating or chewing food can be a real challenge with these painful sores. But don't panic, there are plenty of best home remedies for mouth ulcers available.
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1,357 Hits - Jul 28, 2021, 7:53 PM - Walaa hassan ebrahim
Apple cider vinegar for yeast infection is a naturally available solution between your fingerprints to fight and prevent candida overgrowth. Choose...
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1,334 Hits - Jul 27, 2021, 8:46 PM - Shimaa Hassan
Vagina is an important organ of the woman's body. It needs special care to maintain its health and every woman...
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1,534 Hits - Jul 26, 2021, 1:02 PM - admin
You must vacuum all the house before beginning any of these bed bug home treatments. You must check second-hand furniture....
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1,306 Hits - Jul 25, 2021, 11:45 AM - admin
Having mild pain doesn't need to worry about it. Give it some time and it will go away. But if you...
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1,645 Hits - Jul 24, 2021, 5:25 PM - admin
Last but not least, Health is not valued till sickness comes. So, keep your hygiene and take care of yourself. I wish you to enjoy the highest quality of health and life.
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1,712 Hits - Jul 23, 2021, 8:47 AM - admin
Properly, we don't need a doctor to treat the infection of the Herpes simplex virus (HSV) as we have a...
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1,555 Hits - Jul 19, 2021, 5:39 PM - dr samar
Apple cider vinegar for ringworm is a natural antifungal treatment that can be used as a treatment for ringworm for...
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1,342 Hits - Jul 19, 2021, 4:06 PM - Alshymaa ahmed
Essential oils for ringworm are a perfect choice for treatment at home as several essential oils have strong anti-fungal properties,...
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1,337 Hits - Jul 18, 2021, 6:41 AM - Esraa farhat
There are many home remedies for dry scalp, not necessarily helpful for everyone. You should ask for Dr help if home...
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