Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural spray Anti-frizz Treatment

Color wow dream coat supernatural spray for frizzy hair is more than wow for taming and controlling frizzy hair.

A multi-winning spray and best beauty buy in 2021 give you a big hint of what this spray magically does to your hair.

Over the years the team of color wow has worked together with great dedication to ending all curly hair problems and won more than 70 beauty awards for their efforts.

Coming out with the color wow dream coat supernatural spray was just a drop of their great hair care products, yet the most magical anti-frizz spray ever.

Color wow team-CEO, Gail Federici, Chief Chemist, and Dr. Joe Cincotta, Ph.D. are not working, they care and give their own heart and passion.

Their main goal is to come out with products to help all women tame and treat frizzy hair.

That's why color wow has become in no time the most trustable brand for hair care products all over the world, so if you have frizzy hair, tired of heavy chemicals treating your hair; check this out.

color wow dream coat supernatural spray

Color wow dream coat supernatural spray product profile

Dream coat anti-frizz treatment

Color wow dream coat supernatural spray with its water-light weight and amazing heat-activated polymer - groundbreaking - technology gives you silky, non-greasy, glassy, mirror-appearing, and frizz-free hair for days.

What does Wow Dream Coat supernatural spray do?

Do you think that this is wow and more than wow? wait and see.

The most fascinating feature is its water-repellent ability.

It brings together every drop of water on your hair and repels it out, acting as a shield against humidity and giving you raincoat-like protection. It's just wow, isn't it?

The color wow team offers you a product free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and also cruelty-free.

If you want to check its ingredients yourself, here's the list of them and their cosmetic effects.

color wow dream coat supernatural spray

Color wow dream coat supernatural spray ingredients and cosmetic effects

Color wow ingredients:

1- Water as a solvent

2- Dipropylene glycol is also a solvent, masking agent, fragrance, and controls and decreases the viscosity.

3- Polysilicon-29 as a film-forming and fixing hair agent.

4- DMDM hydantoin acts as a preservative.

5- Propylene glycol is a solvent, skin conditioner, humectant, perfuming, and viscosity controller.

6- Glycerin for dry skin and healing enhancer. If you are afraid of fungal acne and the presence of glycerin, the studies showed that Malassezia growth on glycerol agar is not applicable without fatty acids, so you can't consider glycerin as a trigger for fungal acne.

Also used as a solvent, perfuming, denaturant, skin protectant, and viscosity controller.

7- Silicone quaternium-18 for conditioning hair and as emollient.

8- Butylene glycol as solvent, conditioning, humectant, fragrance, and controls viscosity.

9- Iodopropynyl butyl carbamate as a fungicide and preservative.

10- Phenoxyethanol preservative and fragrant.

11- Chamomilla Recutita flower extract as skin conditioner and perfumer.

12- Calendula Officinalis flower extract is used for its antioxidant effect, skin conditioner, soothing, and masking agent.

13- Potassium sorbate and Benzoate as preservatives.

14- Citric acid as masking, buffering, adjuster, and chelating agents. Also as a fragrance.

All of these wow dream coat ingredients, make this brand the best choice for your hair health.

Please note that you should always check the ingredients on your product package and their suitability to be used on your skin. For more information go to

color wow dream coat supernatural spray

How to apply my color wow dream coat supernatural spray Anti-Frizz treatment

Applying your spray is as easy as brushing your hair, yet sort of challenging.

If you don't adhere to the correct usage steps, your results may not be as satisfactory as you expect.

Follow the following steps properly and precisely to get frizz-free hair with a mirror-like look.

1- First, wash your hair with shampoo. It would be better if you used your hair conditioner, but if you don't have one that's ok. 

2- Now dry your hair with a towel; we need damp hair not dry one.

3- Divide your hair into sections and apply your spray from roots to ends while combing through your hair to make sure that your dream coat has been evenly distributed and hair saturation is achieved.

4- The key step to getting the ultimate result is to dry your hair with your blow dryer while using a brush to make tension, that's how your humidity barrier is formed.

Applying tension while drying is the activator for the synthesis of the raincoat feature. Some of the hairstyling experts advise using a hair straightener too.

Finally, enjoy frizz and humidity-free, silky smooth, and mirror-like hair that stands against humidity and survives 3 shampoos.

color wow dream coat supernatural spray

FAQs and answers about color wow dream coat supernatural spray

My hair is dyed. Can I use it?

Is the color wow dream coat supernatural spray suitable for all types of hair?

I am pregnant and want to try it, will it do me any harm?

Is it ok in nursing?

Does the color wow dream coat sensitize the skin?

Well, the answers will just set you at ease as the color wow dream coat supernatural spray is suitable for all types of hair even color-treated ones and it is safe to be used during both pregnancy and nursing.

The color wow is panning the use of more than 60 harmful ingredients that you may find in any other hair care product.

The Color wow main advantage is using ingredients that soothe and condition your skin. Itchy skin or even sensitivity would be just a rare and individual case.

Product package information

Color wow dream coat supernatural spray is about 2.63 x 1.38 x 7 inches and 8.32 ounces and weighs 8.3 ounces.

Country of origin: USA and manufactured by Amazon. Model number‎CW527.

It has 4.3 out of 5 stars and its reviews make it highly recommended. It also got the best seller rank on


Your hair is damaged by humidity, frizzy and uncontrollable?; the color wow dream coat supernatural spray is what you are missing.

With this keratin-like acting spray, you will get yourself professionally styled frizz-free hair at your own home.

Ladies, from now on there will be no need to go to hair salons just get the color wow dream coat supernatural spray and rock.

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