These Are 15 Best Hair Thickening Products In Your Hand

Fine and limp hair? There are a good variety of hair thickening products that are an effective method to enhance your thin hair and give extra volume. 

Thickening products give you the appearance of fuller, stronger, denser locks. 

Maybe you inherited fine strands from your parents or you went through a stressful time in your life or your hair is falling out, these are the reasons why you have fine and flat strands. 

Choosing the right product can convert your hair to a beautiful, full-of-life look without consuming a lot of effort, time, and money. 


Hair thickening products


1-The best overall hair thickening products:

Oribe maximista thickening spray

Oribe maximista thickening spray is a highly concentrated thickening spray that works on adding a serious length and volume to your limp and fine strands.

Benefits and results :

1-There is no need to wash your hair with hair thickening products like shampoo, conditioner.

2-It doesn't leave nasty residue or leave your hair greasy, dull, heavy, or flat " all common problems that are caused by other hair thickeners". 

3-Give extra thermal protection. 

4-It lasts for a long time from morning until night. 

5-The blend of ingredients protects strands from oxidative stress and pollution. 

6-Strengthen strands with keratin amino acids. 

Active ingredients:

Oribe maximista thickening spray uses a blend of :

Watermelon extract. 

Lychee extract. 

Edelweiss Flower extract. 


How to apply 

-Simply, Spray this hair thickener onto your dry hair and ruffle it up with your hands for instant volume. 

-Use a round brush for added lift. 

-Also you can use it on wet hair. 

Its smell isn't lovely, but that's well recommended because of its effect with minimum effort. 


2-The best hair thickening products as a mousse :

R + Co. Rodeo star thickening style foam 

Active ingredients :

Kiwi fruit extract. 

Aloe vera extract. 

Vitamin E. 

Provitamin B5.

Benefits and results 

1-It gives your hair shine, strength, and moisture. 

2-It instantly increases hair thickness and density without stickiness and crunchy appearance "not like traditional mousses".

3-This formula gives long-lasting softness and shine. 

How to apply 

Put a large amount on the roots and fewer at the mid-shaft and ends of damp hair to have the best result.


Hair thickening products


3-The best hair thickening shampoo :

Sachajuan thickening shampoo

It gives extra volume to your head of hair.

Benefits and results 

-It is a heat and UV protectant.

-It gives long-lasting moisture, shine, and protection. 

-It creates healthy thickness without damaging the strands. 

Active ingredients: Sachajuan is enriched with 

-Nourishing ocean silk. 

-A blend of sea algae extract. 


4-OGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen shampoo 

With every use, it gives a fuller, plumper, and healthier look.

Active ingredients :



-Hydrolyzed wheat protein.

5-The Best texture spray:

Bumble and Bumble thickening dry spun volume texture spray

Benefits and results 

It is magical in doing a little bit of everything:

1-It gives volume to limb strands without stickiness or lingering smells. 

2-Imparts soft, airy texture. 

3-Provides a long-lasting style. 

4-Enhance the look of beachy waves. 

5-It is a quick refresher. 

How to apply 

Simply spray and leave, it can't be easier.

6-Kèrastase volume in powder texturizing spray 

How to apply 

-It is recommended to section damp hair and spray it on the roots and down about 3-4 inches. 

-You can also spray the formula all over after you have heat-styled your hair, to give it an additional lift. 

7-The best hair thickening products as lotion :

Kevin Murphy full again lotion 

It boasts a powerful blend of natural essences and waxes and particles of rayon that helps seal in moisture, prevent breakage and appear thicker. 

Benefits and results 

1-It is an ultra-lightweight formula. 

2-It is an ultra Nourishing formula. 

8-The best leave-in cream:

Color WOW dream cocktail carb-infused thickening leave-in treatment 

-It is the perfect all-in-one pre-styling treatment. 

-Ideal for straight, wavy, curly, and color-treated hair. 

-It is one of the best hair thickening products. 

Benefits and results 

1-It is a heat-protecting cream. 

2-It increases hair thickness and density by adding weightless mass to every strand. 

3-With each use, it improves strength, comb-ability, and glossiness. 

Active ingredients :

It consists of an innovated carb-based complex:



3-Oat bran. 


9-The best hair thickening mask:

Phyto Phytodense fluid plump mask

Benefits and results 

1-It is a Nourishing mask that is basically like an anti-aging serum for your hair. 

2-In addition to the increasing volume and density of the hair, it gives a more youthful look. 

3-The formula penetrates deep within the hair fibers to strengthen and protect your hair. 

Active ingredients :

-Revitalizing grape polyphenol. 

-Hyaluronic acid. 


10-The best thickening hair products as paste :

Christophe Robin cleansing Volumizing paste

1-It is an 85% natural texturizing formula. 

2-Its formula transforms into a light foam to deliver instant volume and density from root to tip. 

3-It removes impurities from the scalp. 

4-It is a color-safe treatment. 

Active ingredients:

-Pure rassoul clay. 

-Protective rose extract. 

-Baobab leaf extract. 


11-The best budget-friendly buy:

Anomaly volume conditioner 

The multi-hyphenated actress "Priyanka"  just launched a new clean hair care line that includes hair thickening products at target and spoiler alert. It is really good. 

Benefits and results 

1-It is a silicone-free volume conditioner. 

2-It gives your fragile hair nourishment and moisture. 

3-Its packaging is 100% recyclable plastic trash deviated from landfills and the ocean. 

Active ingredients 

1-Rice water.


12-Garnier Fructis mega full thickening lotion 

Benefits and results 

1-Its formula creates fullness, shine, and a healthy look without stickiness, limp and flat appearance. 

2-It instantly volumizes without heaviness. 

3-Having a fruity scent. 

Active ingredients 

-Cotton Flower extract. 


13-The best thickening powder:

Briogeo Blossom and Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing root powder 

All the products of the Briogeo Blossom and Bloom line are magic as hair thickening products. 

Benefits and results 

1-It is two in one formula 

-Enhance volume, thickness, and fullness for your hair. 

-Stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. 

2-It is an ultra-lightweight formula. 

Active ingredients:



-Mineral derived silica. 

-Ginseng extract. 

-Ginger root extract. 


14-The Best hair thickening supplements: Nutrafol 

It is advisable to take hair supplements that act as hair thickening products " after checking with your doctor". 

Nutrafol is a clinically proven hair supplement that works from the inside out.

It is rich in antioxidants that help promote healthier hair growth and density over time.

The dose of the supplement 

Take 4 pills daily for at least 3-6 months 

Your doctor can choose the best hair supplement for you. 


15-Silk hair wrap 

-It isn't technically designed as one of hair thickening products, but it prevents friction with cotton pillowcases. 

-Therefore less loss of hair and generally healthier hair. 

-It is a must to buy and use. 


Your hair is a crown on your head, so using the hair thickening products gives your hair shine, plumping, density, and volume to your limb and fine strands. 

By/ Hagar M. Gomaa

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