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Evendale blue ash pet hospital is the best place for keeping your pet healthy, it is considered the pet's second home. All the teams in this hospital are friendly and receive your pets with open arms.

evendale blue ash pet hospital

Evendale blue ash pet hospital services 

You should be pleased when you go to the Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital, as they offer all veterinary services to your pet.

They have a friendly, well-trained, and experienced veterinary team. 


The hospital team offers a test the first time that the pet arrives at the hospital, an annual wellness test to help your pet stay healthy with preventive medical care. 

In the blue ash pet hospital, there is a trained team that can help keep your pet safe when you are out, if you decide to travel away from your town you can let your furry safety with them until returning.

The wellness exam involves:

Comprehensive physical exam

Examine your pet from nose to tail to discover if there are any signs of any disease or inflammation. 


They check your pet's coat for skin lesions or any insects.

Dental care

The Evendale Blue Ash Pet hospital team is interested in keeping your pet's breath clean and fresh.

Visit Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital to do regular dental care for your pet, they help you to make a dental routine for your pet that includes daily brushing of teeth at home to prevent oral disease.

They treat all diseases of teeth and repair the lost ones, treat oral tumors and tooth extraction, and also check your pet's mouth to diagnose any signs of gum inflammation, bleeding, or oral and gum infection.

Obesity and weight loss

Obesity and weight loss are serious problems, especially in cats and dogs.

The most common problem in cats is obesity, around 30 % to 35% suffer from obesity, Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital helps you to control a pet's weight, they are highly trained to treat nutritional disorders. 


It is good for showing the veterinarian what is inside the pet's intestines, ultrasound is useful for limiting the disease and deciding if the pet needs surgery or not.

The Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital team uses dental X-rays during dental tests to get a clear picture of the pet's teeth and gum.


Intestinal tract surgery is common in cats, as the cats usually play with string balls, Also cats lack their body which leads to the formation of hairballs inside the intestinal tract.

Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital team provides professional care before, during, and after surgery.

Types of surgery:

- Foreign body surgery

- Soft tissue surgery such as tumors or masses and other medical surgeries.

- Neuter surgery

- Oral surgery

Tooth extraction, tumor removal, and other surgical care.

Evendale _Blue _Ash _Pet _Hospital


Laser therapy is pain-free, surgery-free, and noninvasive procedure, that helps in the treatment of pets that suffer from pain, inflammation, and many different acute and chronic diseases.

Laser therapy used in Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital to treat:

- swelling and inflammation 

- Bits and cuts

- skin problems

- Fracture

- Oral pain

- Ear infection

- Arthritis

Pain management 

Some animals have experienced pain in different ways, but others suffer from illness and hide the pain, So it is very important to recognize symptoms of discomfort in your pet early.

Visit Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital to avoid any health problems!

Veterinary acupuncture

It is a Chinese tradition that is Used to treat various chronic diseases. It is proven that it is successful in treating chronic conditions in animals and humans.

It depends on the release of beta-endorphins, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters.

It is good for all ages as It is suitable for treating:

- Cardiovascular diseases 

- Gastrointestinal diseases 

- Behavior disorder 

- Neurological diseases 

- Dermatological diseases

Vaccination services

They make vaccination checks depending on the age and lifestyle of your pet, and they discuss vaccination protocols and make schedules for them.

Evendale _Blue _Ash _Pet _Hospital

Behavior training

The Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital team plays an important role in training animals to leave Bad habits that their owners are worried about.

Pet geriatric

They can provide your pets with the best medical care possible throughout their lifetime. 

For example, cats and small dogs become old when they are 7 years old while large breed dogs have a short lifetime so they become old at 6 years old.

Parasite controls

The Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital team check for heartworm, ticks, fleas, and mites. They also make fecal analysis and fecal examination to identify any intestinal parasites.

Pet loss

The hospital team knows that the pet is not only an animal, it is considered a family member. So they highly respect it when it's time and take it in a respectful way.

They also support the owners in this period in different ways.

Contact Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital 

If you would like to learn more about their services, please call them at:

PHONE: (513) 563-0410

FAX: (513) 434-3117

EMAIL: info@ebapethospital.com

Where to find Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital

10519 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241, United States.

Work hours:

Monday to Friday: 7.30 a.m - 7 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday  closed

Evendale _Blue _Ash _Pet _Hospital

Evendale blue ash pet hospital reviews

- Our dog has received the best care at Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital. 

They discussed the treatment plan, and also suggested a new medication for her to use after her seizures.

- I can't imagine anyone taking better care of my boys. If you are looking for a vet you should start your search here. Great people.

- We found them by chance and on the first visit we could immediately tell it was a good hospital.


Be comfortable and don't worry if you notice any signs of disorder in your pet.

Just visited the Evendale Blue Ash Pet Hospital which is considered the second home of your pet. 

There are highly trained veterinarian teams that help you and your pet.

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