Halloween Nail Ideas, 70 Scary Ideas To Paint Your Nail Look

Halloween nail ideas are a scary spirit in Halloween; it complete Halloween costumes. The magical Halloween ghost nails are very stylish. In our article, we will mention some of the best Halloween nail art ideas.

Halloween nail ideas


Let’s display kooky Halloween nail ideas:

The basic idea is to paint your nails in black striped with orange color but if you want to bring a scary spirit, paint nails with subtle-metallic colors. All your needs are found in Spirit Halloween.


Halloween nail art design



Drippy tips.

Wonder nails.

Candy corn nails.

Impress nails

Creepy crawlers nails.

Great Gatsby's nails.

Mystical flame nails.

Halloween nails

Glow in the dark nails.

Ombre candy corn nails.

Halloween nails

Stripped Halloween nails.

Matte candy apple.

Black and gold nails. 

Sparkly skeleton nails.

Glitter graveyard nails.

Kiss nails

Screamingly good nails.

Wonder, delicate cobweb nails.

Dripping in red … ouija board nails.


The bride of Frankenstein's nails.

For witch custom; use the cobweb nails.

Sharp as nails with orange and black colors.


Enjoy cool new Halloween nail ideas 2020

Let's have fun this year; especially after the pandemic virus. All need to make it a more exciting holiday are different look, Halloween desserts , and watching Halloween movies on night.


The most trendy easy DIY is the skittles orange gradient nails.

Halloween nail art

Pick up one Halloween nail and try it 

Mini bats. 
Black cats.    


Matte black.

Foggy white.

Halloween nail art

Red outlines.             

Stitched tips.

Metallic ghosts.

Moonlight nails.

Delicate chains.   

Blood red edges.

Orange triangles.

Chic spider webs.     

Halloween nail ideas   

Witch French mani.     

Pumpkin spice nails.

Silver drips like the blood drops.

Textured black either matte or glossy.



Halloween nail ideas at home

If you are staying at home on Halloween, you also can celebrate and enjoy your holiday by inspiration of the Halloween spirit. 


Take our treats and design your own Halloween nail ideas as following:

Coffin nails 

  • You can add a matte black polish after shaping your nails by the nail file, then draw golden lines after dryness of your nail polish.

  • Design by drawing your special paint for each nail and show your peers Halloween nail art designs.

Halloween nail design

Try those!

Haunted half-moons.

Paint sharp knives on clear stiletto nails.

Sea siren by painting half circles like scales.

Paint a web effect over the glitter base coat.

Beetlejuice design with black and white stripes.

Draw flowers and skeletons on your basic manicure.

Draw black cats over a nude base using black polish.

Bloody massacre by adding a foil base and a red glass gel.


Besides all, you can buy Halloween nail stickers online .

Cute Halloween nails

Mixing of creepy and cuteness in Halloween nail art designs

Cool kittens.

Lavish matte black.

Halloween nail design

Halloween classics.

Pink and red design.


Glitter ghosts.

orange pumpkin.

Graveyard scene.

Glow in the dark.

Simple spiderwebs.        

Old school tattoo nails.


Cute ghosts.

Dark flames.

Kiss nail

Neon orange.

Celestial nails.

Metallic orange.

Western themes.

Evil eye nail stickers.


Midnight sky.

Wonder women.

Golden pumpkin.

Floral Halloween nails.      

Chrome spider web moons.

Halloween grab bag stickers.     

Cute Halloween nails

Our dew treats for you, our pretty princess, are about Halloween day as your special event. So, our lady, do your best to enjoy each moment this day; Try to complete your celebration with Apple recipes like Apple crisp, Baked apple slices, or others. pick up your favorite of the scary makeup styles and then try the new Halloween nail art designs to celebrate and enjoy the most ever.

Share us in the comments below with your stunning costume on Halloween. 

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