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Searching for home remedies for stuffy nose in cats is common among people who contact cats. They want safe and fast treatment for their furry friends.

As it registers a good prognosis and your cat can be healthy in a short period, almost one to two weeks. 

Those people know when to use home remedies for stuffy nose in cats, also they know when to go to the veterinarian to treat cats that suffer from stuffy noses.


What are stuffy noses in cats (cat nasal congestion)

Stuffy noses in cats mean clogging of one or two sides of the nose which occurs due to inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane lining the passage of the nose.

That leads to difficult breath and increases the amount of mucus.

It’s not a serious condition, You can treat it with home remedies for stuffy nose in cats if you start early as soon as the symptoms appear.

Causes of cats' stuffy noses

Before talking about the most effective home remedies for stuffy nose in cats, we need to know what are the causes of such a condition.

Viral infection

This condition occurs due to viral infection in the upper respiratory tract (viral infection is the most common cause).

There are two main viruses that infect cats and cause stuffy noses in cats: 

1- Feline rhinotracheitis virus

- The feline rhinotracheitis virus infects cats and the cat becomes a carrier of these viruses.

- The virus is always inactive until the cat becomes under stress. 

- It changes to an active style and infects cats and its symptoms appear.

2- Feline calicivirus

- Feline calicivirus and feline rhinotracheitis virus are similar in symptoms and treatment.

- There are vaccines used for them too. 

- Treatment of these viruses registers a good prognosis with home remedies for stuffy nose in cats.

Bacterial infection

This may be due to bacterial infection that comes in the second after viral infection.

Other causes

Other causes such as fungal infection, allergies, dental infection, and foreign bodies.

Also, there may be abnormal tissue growth in the passage that may be carcinogenic or non-carcinogenic.

Some of these causes are treated by home remedies for stuffy nose in cats and other causes need to consult a veterinarian. 

Home _Remedies _For _Stuffy_Nose _In _Cats

When do you use home remedies for stuffy nose in cats

When to use home remedies for cat colds?

If you find these symptoms:

- Runny nose

- Sneezing 

- More coughing

- Red watery eyes discharge

- Congestion

Congestion on one side of the nose or two sides makes the cat open its mouth to breathe from it.

- Fever

That starts mild and increases gradually.

You can test your cat's temperature from its ears, hips, feet, and tail.

If you have a thermometer, put it in the anus to get the right read of temperature.

- Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite causes loss of cat's weight that appears on your cat. 

You should use home remedies for stuffy nose in cats as fast as possible in the first three days to keep your cat safe and prevent the disease from changing to chronic.

How to treat a cat with a stuffy nose?

Home remedies for stuffy nose in cats

Isolate the infected cat

Firstly, if you have more than one cat, isolate the infected cat in an isolated place adequate with a safe open window to have airflow.

Apply hot vapor for removing congestion

Then, remove congestion of the nose to help the cat breathe well by taking your cat with you to the bathroom.

Close the door and the window and turn on the hot water to fill the bathroom with hot vapor. 

Stay inside for five to ten minutes to soothe the nasal passage and decrease congestion.

Do it twice daily. This step is considered the most important one of the home remedies for stuffy nose in cats. 

Feeding on extra smelly food

Give your cat extra smelly and wet food to stimulate its appetite to keep it from losing weight.

When they suffer from a stuffy nose they lose their sense of smell and lose their appetite which leads to weight loss.

Clean nasal and eye discharge

Always Clean nasal discharge and eye discharge for good vision.

And prevent the discharge drop in the food or water that may transmit the infection to other cats.

Always provide water

 Provide the cat with an adequate amount of water that helps in decreasing temperature if there is a fever.

Home _Remedies_For _Stuffy _Nose _In _Cats

How do you keep your cat safe 

Instead of using chemical drugs or home remedies for stuffy nose in cats, what about strengthening the cat's immune system?

The immune system is the first defense line that protects the body against diseases and prevents health problems, so you should support your cat's immunity to protect its body against diseases.


Feed your cat well-cooked home food, raw foods, a grain-free canned diet, and dry food.

This step is considered one of the home remedies for stuffy nose in cats.


- Provide your cat with supplements such as prebiotics which are good for the digestive system.

- Multivitamins (such as vitamin B12 and vitaminD3 cat supplement).

- Essential fatty acids (omega three fatty acids is the most important one), as they prevent inflammation and delays the aging process.

These are good for old cats, but if you have healthy young cats don't use them.


Limit vaccination schedule as possible to prevent fibrosarcoma that appears at the site of injection.

Don't use chemical flea treatments that contain toxic chemicals.

Clean environment

Keep the cat in a clean and safe place free from polluted air and the polluted environment with chemical detergents. 

Effect of exercises and stress

- Doing exercises with your cat decreases the stress which lowers its immunity.

- Keep it at a healthy weight to prevent health problems that come with obesity such as digestive disorders and diabetes. 


If your cat is sick and the veterinarian says that it should be treated with antibiotics.

Keep what the doctor says and don't exceed the period or the dosage to respond to home remedies for stuffy nose in cats. 

Prevent human medicine

Never treat your cat with human medicine by yourself, you should go to the veterinarian first. 

Always check temperature 

Check your cat's temperature regularly by checking its tail, ears, and feet.


Don't worry about stuffy noses in cats, it is not a zoonotic disease (not transmitted from cat to human).

So you can contact your cat directly to treat it with home remedies for stuffy nose in cats. 

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