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 DIY Halloween costumes are an amazing and satisfying experiment. Halloween is a tradition that everyone waits on 31 Oct; you can be anyone or wear anything on this day; it is joyful and funny.

You can think about "What am I going to be this Halloween?" from Sep to the last minutes of oct.

After you answer the previous question, decide whether you will buy the costumes from the store or DIY Halloween costumes at home.

Here we will show you different and easy ideas for Halloween costumes to DIY and feel full of love and fun.

diy halloween costumes

Easy Costumes for adults

Witch Costumes

On Halloween, a witch is the main character in costume ideas, home decorations, accessories, desserts, and even Halloween movies. All you need are a witch hat to dress up like a witch, you can DIY or write “Halloween store near me” on search engines to find it; you can also buy it online from Amazon.

“Halloween store near me” on search engines will show results like spirithalloween, halloweenexpress, and halloweencity. Spirit Halloween is a perfect choice. 

diy halloween costumes

DIY Pineapple Costumes

Just wear a yellow outfit and put on a Pineapple Hat. All you need are

·       Green Poster Board

·       Toilet Paper Roll

·       Headband or Ribbon

Leopard Costume

Just paint your body a yellow color then make spots in black or brown color like this photo.

DIY Ghost costume

It is the simplest costume you can DIY on Halloween.  you only need a white bed sheet and draw a black eye.

DIY Joker features

Using make-up, you can be like the joker. It is a simple, easy, and last-minute Halloween costume.

You don’t need to prepare items from sep if you choose to be a joker on Halloween, as it is one of the DIY Halloween costumes.

A Bat costumes

It is one of the Halloween costumes of 2020 and every year perfect costume. All you need are black cloth and scissors; then make easy homemade bat wings and trick others on Halloween.

A Tinker Bell girl

Dress up like a farmer

Dress up like a farmer and take many shoots on agricultural land.

Vendetta costume

Only wear a black outfit with the vendetta mask which is available in most stores.

Skeleton costumes

Mummy-like features can be simply done by makeup. It is one of the simplest ideas for Halloween.

Scarecrow Costume

It is a last-minute Halloween costume on 31 Oct. It is easy and scary. Don't forget to choose a suitable Halloween nail.

diy halloween costumes

Coronavirus Halloween costumes 2020

Bride and Groom in pandemic

You and your partner can wear like a bride and a groom, but with face masks. It is a creative idea.

face shields or covers

In this costume, you wear anything that covers your face or head as you protect yourself from coronavirus.

diy halloween costumes

kids Halloween costumes 2020

Librarian costumes

you can dress up yourself and your kids as a librarian. You only need a plaid classic skirt or blouse, a cardigan sweater, and a pair of glasses.

Chef costume

A white outfit with a chef's hat will be a fun combo for your little one. It can be a last-minute homemade costume.

Superheroes’ costumes

Hulk, spiderman, and batman are preferable kids' Halloween costumes for boys.

Mickey and Minnie mouse

Disney princesses’ costumes for girls

Mama and a girl can wear dresses as they come from Disneyland. 

Toy Story characters' costumes

Dress up your child as woody and buzz lightyear. 

diy halloween costumes

DIY Halloween costumes for pets

Super heroes’ pet

A pet Going for a shower

A pet like a Doctor

All you need for your pet is colorful Eyeglasses.

A birthday pets

A queen cat

A dog like a witch

Our dew treats for you:

Enjoy Halloween by DIY desserts, costumes, and decorations ; you will fell a lot of joyful feelings.

Choose one of these favorite and delicious recipes to complete your celebration:

Pumpkin bread and muffins

Pumpkin pancakes and cookies

Apple recipes

Apple crisp

Baked apple slices 


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