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Many people love pets and care for them. So, they are keen on providing revival pet meds to keep their pet in good health. Revival is perfect in their work. 

It is very important to know what your pet needs today. His health is your responsibility so, you should notice it well and know if it has any problems. Usually, you need revival pet meds to face any problem with your pet. So, we should recognize what it is and what are revival pet meds? 

Revival Animal Health 

It is an online pet supply company that specializes in safe shipping for pet medications and vaccines to use at home and fills prescriptions. It offers good pet care knowledge with excellent customer service.

Their website offers a complete line of dog and cat dewormers, pharmacy items, and medications. 

It has an extensive selection for revival pet meds and vaccines.

Revival Animal Health has a veterinarian  staff but it doesn't replace professional diagnosis or veterinary prescriptions. 

History of Revival Animal Health

In 1989, Dr, Roy Nielsen, started Revival Animal Health as a second career for him.

The Small business that began in Doc Roy's basement after retiring from veterinary practice has grown into a national pet health supply company with two locations with 75 employees then they expanded to a bigger place with more employees. 

The Revival pet supply store is located in Orange City, Lowa. 

In 1994, the first print catalog was produced and distributed. 

In 1998, the website went live for the first time. 

In 2005, they developed their first exclusive brand, a line of supplements to provide the customers with high-quality solutions to specific pet health challenges and they named it "Doc Roy's". 

Then, they opened a second call center in nearby Mableton, Lowa. And in 2007, they acquired a bird supply company to serve the needs of pet bird owners. 

In 2008, they launched Breeders 'Edge _a line of health products for breeding dogs and cats as well as puppies and kittens. 

In 2010, they opened a vet pharmacy to help the customers with their pet prescriptions which then received a VIPPS certification. So, Revival pet meds are very desirable for many customers. 

Then they had the VET BASICS line  to help pet owners solve  the  problems relating to  the health of the pets.

What does Revival Animal Health do?

A Long time ago, Revival Animal Health cared for the people who have pets. They help all pet owners by sharing their pet care knowledge and offering solutions.

They market a wide array of companion Healthcare products. Revival Animal Health has a wide selection of pet meds and vaccines. In addition, they have people with a high caring spirit, knowledge, and commitment to serve the customers. 

Revival pet meds and products

Revival Animal Health has  a full range of medications in several categories including:

. Allergy relief

. Antibiotics

. Anxiety and behavior medications

. Dewormers and parasites

. Diabetes control

. Ear and eye medicine

. Heartworm prevention

. Pain relief

. Skin and coat treatment

. Thyroid medication

. Urinary tract medications

In addition, they have other medical and health supplies including collars, bedding, carriers and crates, cleaning products, feeders and waterers, grooming supplies, vitamins, dietary supplements, test kits, and dental care items. 

They have vaccines for dogs and cats with the company's in house veterinarians and a team of pet care that ensure the safety of the vaccine supply. You can also order the needles and syringes for the administration of the vaccine. 

Brands following Revival Animal Health

Vet Basics

Head to tail solutions

Breeder's Edge

Healthier moms_ Healthier newborns

Doc Roy's

Keeping pets healthy

Examples of Revival pet meds

Pet Vitamins and supplements

Revival Animal Health supplies the customers with the best vitamins and supplements to keep their pets healthy and happy.They offer a comprehensive collection of pet vitamins and supplements to fit customer needs with fast and free shipping in orders over 99$.

1. Nutri-Stat (quality nutrition) 

It is a high-calorie food supplement with Omega fatty acids for improved nutrition for dogs and cats. 

Revival pet meds

Price of the product


2. Oxy mate(prenatal vitamins) 

. It is an excellent prenatal supplement for use in pregnant females. 

. Fortified with iron, folic acid, and zinc. 

.  It optimizes the production of RBCs and blood flow. 

. Safe for female dogs and cats. 

. Available in meat treats and soft chews. 

Price of the product 


3. B Strong

. It is one of the most effective Revival pet meds. 

. It provides a comprehensive blend of B-complex vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It has iron, copper, and zinc to promote heart and red blood cell health. 

. It Helps stimulate appetite and boost energy. 

. It is very good for dogs and cats for successful reproduction. 

Revival pet meds

Price of the product 


Revival pet meds(vaccine) 

It is a type of revival pet meds that prevent some of the most common pet diseases. 

Revival has a wide selection of pet vaccines to help you keep your animal healthy and strong. They want to help in any way for your pet to get better.

Examples of Revival vaccines

1.NeoPar Single dose

It is a revival pet med against parvovirus which is the most lethal and prevalent viral disease in dogs.

It stimulates antibody production in addition to the presence of existing natural antibodies.

It is a modified live virus that provides maximum protection and a long duration of immunity.


Price of the product


2. Solo-Jec kc single-dose vaccine

It is a vaccine that protects dogs against two major causes of kennel cough canine parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica.

The intranasal administration stimulates the immunity in the nasal passage where much of the disease process occurs.

It provides rapid onset of immunity.

It is used for dogs within  3 weeks of age.

Price of the product


You should know that

Using vaccines with live viruses can't be shipped without a valid prescription. You can see their pet pharmacy for ordering information.

Vaccines aren't returnable.

When you order a vaccine, don't forget to order needles and syringes.


These were a few examples of revival pet meds to show  Revival animal health products and the medical service they offer for all pet owners.

They provide you with all your pet needs to be in good health.

Revival pet meds

Is Revival Animal Health legitimate?

Yes, Revival Animal Health is a legitimate company having a veterinarian on staff to ensure the safety of the vaccine. They have a team of pet care pros to answer the questions of the customers. The company also has a pharmacy staff.

Is Revival Animal Health worth it?

Revival Animal health sells vaccines and revival pet meds in a direct way to the customers helping them in saving money compared to veterinarian prices. 

For the customers living in remote areas, they benefit from delivering medications in their homes.

Evaluation of Revival Animal Health


A trained pet care team is available.

Veterinarian on staff.

Revival pet meds are available for curing all problems of the pets.

Cheaper than buying from a vet.

Revival pet meds are tested and safe.


No free shipping in vaccines.

Doesn't ship to all states.



Revival Animal Health is an optimum choice for pet owners to keep their pets in a good condition and provide them with high quality Revival pet meds to save their lives.

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