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The southern Maryland women's healthcare (MD) offers comprehensive medical aid for women at every stage of their life accompanied by privacy, comfort, and caring.

Southern Maryland women's health aims to provide full-service healthcare for women. 

Leonardtown, Maryland health center (MD) delivers an honest example in emergency, acute inpatient, and outpatient care in Leonardtown.


The staff in Leonardtown, Southern Maryland women's hospital(MD) can provide you with all the required medical information associated with female health from teenage till after menopause age. It is committed to providing quality and compassionate healthcare for all women.


Southern Maryland women's healthcare portal services

1-Fertility facilities:

Infertility is a case that affects all women and men regardless of their race, economic conditions, or areas.


It offers assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help women who :

-Can't become pregnant after a year of unprotected, well-timed intercourse. 

-Are unable to carry a pregnancy that resulted in a live birth "repeated abortion".


In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer "IVF, ET"

It is a procedure that may help to enhance the percentage of conception in couples who have been tried other techniques and haven't succeeded.


This procedure involves multiple steps that carry risks which can be explained in detail by your doctor 

Step 1: ovulation stimulation. 

Step 2: egg retrieval. 

Step 3: sperm collection and preparation.

Step 4: fertilization and development of the eggs. 

Step 5: embryo transfer. 

Step 6: assisted hatching.


2-Urogynecology examination in Southern Maryland women's health (MD)


Leonardtown, Southern Maryland health center (MD) provides healthcare for women with pelvic disorders these include :


-Abnormal Pelvic bleeding. 

It may be a non-ordinary heavy bleeding or bleeding other than a menstrual period.


Doctors examine to determine the exact diagnosis and the best treatment. 

-Menorrhagia (uterine heavy bleeding in between menstrual periods). 

-Menometrorrhagia (both heavy Menstrual bleeding and bleeding at abnormal times).


-Urinary incontinence :

It is an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem (loss of bladder control).


-Pelvic prolapse :

It is a weakness of the ligaments and muscles that support the pelvic organs causing slipping out of place accompanied by non comfort and pain.


-Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are common benign tumors that lead to abnormal menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, and frequent urination.


Physicians in treatment depend on age, location of fibroids, and how rapidly they are growing.


-Ovarian cysts:

They are fluid-filled and small sacs.



It is an abnormal aggregation of tissues similar to uterine tissues usually found in the pelvic region that cause pain. 

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3-Gynecology services

In the southern Maryland women's health center, There is a collaboration between the gynecologist and your primary care specialist to make sure that you have the best medical care over the long term.


The health services in the women's health center include all routine care, with a focus on wellness and prevention.


Routine gynecologic care includes diagnosis and treatment of :

-Abnormal uterine bleeding. 

-Pelvic pain. 

-Premenstrual syndrome. 



-Uterine growths and Ovarian cysts. 

-Urinary disorders. 



Gynecology health services including :

-Disease prevention : 

-Wellness education. 

-risk assessment, seminars, and screenings.


Routine evaluation

-annual well-woman visits.


Diagnostic evaluation :

-pelvic imagine. 




-specialized workup. 



Comprehensive treatment : 

-Medical management. 

-GYN surgery (including minimally invasive and laser surgery) to remove Fibroids, Abnormal growths, uterus, ovaries, cervix.


Menopause :

-Hormone replacement therapy. 

-Bone density tests. 

-Heart testing.


GYN oncology :

-Treatment of the vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and vulva cancers. 

-Genetic testing for women who have a history of ovarian cancer in their family.


GYN endocrinology 

-Menstrual irregularities.

-Hormone imbalances. 

-Inappropriate lactation. 

-Precocious and delayed puberty. 




GYN urology 

-Bladder disorders ( incontinence, collapse). 

-Urologic cancers.


Minimally invasive high-risk Gynecology robotics surgery. 

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4-Maternity services

A-Pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care


At this women's health center they provide excellent health care for women at such a special time.


Gynecologists in Southern Maryland women's health hospital are well-trained and experts in :

-Normal pregnancies. 

-High-risk pregnancies. 

-Broad range of obstetrical conditions.


They offer a wide range of programs designed to help families prepare for baby's arrival till postpartum.


B-Preconception counseling. 


C-Pregnancy planning. 


D-Fertility services. 




F-Genetic services. 




H-High risk pregnancies.


I-Maternal-fetal services.




K-Postpartum depression. 

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5-Breast health program


Experts in the southern Maryland women's healthcare hospital give comprehensive breast care for women and men and treat a wide variety of patients with breast conditions such as breast cancer and benign breast disease.


They also follow and keep in touch with patients who are at increased risk for developing breast cancer.


In this women's health center, There is the latest machine in breast cancer treatment (renowned halcyon machine).


Breast health services include :

Disease prevention :

-Self-exam for breast training. 

-Risk assessment. 

-Genetic tests.


Routine evaluation :

Annual well-woman visits.


Breast imaging:

Screening, diagnostic and digital mammography.


Diagnostic evaluation :

-Sentinel node biopsy. 

-Needle localization. 

-Open surgery biopsy. 

-Frozen section pathology. 

-Stereotactic biopsy.


Comprehensive treatment 

-Partial or total mastectomy. 

-Treatment for benign breast tumor or breast pain. 

-Fine needle aspiration. 


-Reconstructive surgery. 


-Radiation treatment.


The breast health team includes :

1-Breast Surgeons. 


3-Medical and radiation oncologists. 

4-Plastic surgeons. 

5-Genetic counselor. 

6-Nurse practitioners.


Do you know there is a women and newborns center in Southern Maryland women's health hospital? 

Women and newborns center provides comprehensive neonatal and maternal care with privacy, comfort, and caring.


It was designed with all ways of comfort, a "warm and welcoming atmosphere" as well as keeping your health in mind.


How can you keep in touch with the Southern Maryland women's health portal?

Open (9 am - 5 pm) 

From Monday to Friday 



Medstar Southern Maryland hospital center, Leonardtown 

7503 surratts road

Clinton, MD 20735


Contact numbers

Phone: 301-868-8000

TTY: 301-877-5740



The Southern Maryland women's health hospital center is an integrated place that provides all of the medical care for women with privacy, comfort, and caring.


The team in this women's healthcare center including physicians and nurses are qualified and well-trained, so I advise you to visit the hospital. 

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By/ Hagar M.Gomaa

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