The First Direct Pet Insurance 2022 | Pros And Cons

Caring for pet animals is a very costly matter that not everyone can cover, through this article we will talk about first direct pet insurance in detail.

First direct pet insurance

Why do you need pet insurance?

First direct pet insurance is the most suitable place to take care of your pet in case of illness or injury.

Through first direct pet insurance, you ensure that your pet will be happy and healthy.

First Direct pet insurance offers multiple pet discounts. 

If you have more than one pet, it allows insurance for them all together.

First direct pet insurance

How do first direct pet insurance claims work?

It is to be had online to make your first direct pet insurance claim by posting a form, or over the phone.

There are two different ways of payment:

  • You can pay a pill for a vet, then then you can make your claim and first direct pet insurance will refund you what you pay minus the excess.

  • After making your claim, first direct pet insurance will pay a vet directly minus the excess.

First Direct pet Insurance provides you with all protection for your pet that suits you and provides you with a qualified vet to be at your services all the time by communicating via the internet.

A qualified vet can answer all of your questions wherever you are.

You can communicate with a qualified vet through video calls to see your vet.

You can send your pet images and text chat is available.

You can get the most benefit from the first direct pet insurance, where it becomes a partner in Pet Drug Online.

You can get the benefit from discounted medication although your claim is limited.

You also can get the advantage of discounts on pet food, toys, and healthy products.

It helps you to choose a suitable policy for your pet animal for any costs you couldn’t pay.

Cover level tends to be cheap if your pet animal is young and healthy.

First Direct pet Insurance stands with you for any health care for your pet if it needs care and medications for over a year.

It helps you to make your claim as quickly as possible after they get all the information required.

Always, compare between policies before you pay. Don’t pay for more cover than you need.

It covers costs for injuries, accidents, and diseases.

You can fill out a form and it is easy to claim online, and you will deal with your vet quickly.

By communicating with web chat, you can get information or answers to your questions.

You can download a file of coverage and recognize the listing of what isn’t covered.

First direct pet insurance

Is there anything that could interfere with your insurance premium?

First Direct pet Insurance answers these questions as follows:

1- Increasing vet fees: 

The vet provides more advanced treatment and medications.

2- Age:

The older your pet is, the more susceptible to chronic disease and the need for comprehensive healthcare, and medications.

3- Breed:

Some breeds are susceptible to certain medical problems.

4- IPT:

In case of any increase or decrease in the insurance tax, the insurance premium paid will be affected.

5- Discount:

It may increase after renewal, as a discount is available for the first 12 months of your policy.

6- Pre-existing condition:

It means any injuries, conditions, or symptoms that appear on your pet before your insurance is sure that they are being covered.

First Direct pet insurance provides its customers with Paw Squad.

First direct pet insurance

What is PawSquad?

It is an advice line available all time, 7days a week.

It allows you to discuss with your vet any problems of your pet through chat or video chat and answer any questions you ask.

Keep in mind that some policies of insurance will be invalid if you don’t make your pet up to date with healthy tests and vaccinations.

What are the cons and pros of first direct pet insurance?

You need to know the pros and cons of pet insurance before you decide to continue.


1- It is available for you to take your pet animal to any vet clinic, licensed vet, or care hospital.

2- You can choose and manage the monthly premiums to suit your budget.

3- Flexibility of coverage options to meet your pet needs.

4- In the case of emergencies, you don’t worry about monthly costs.


1- Pre-existing conditions are not covered by most policies.

2- You might not use all the benefits you pay for.

3- Some conditions are not covered like certain breeds, preventable diseases, and coverage for senior pets.

What happens if your pet becomes ill after bringing it?

It's a good idea to prepare pet insurance before buying your pet.

To prevent your pet from illness after collecting it:

- Don’t try to change your pet diet, try this gradually. After 10 days you can change to a new diet.

- Keep your pet routine such as feeding, toilet, getting up times each day.

- Keep your pet calm and reduce its stress.

First direct pet insurance

Can I make pet insurance for older pets?

Older pets have more chances of suffering from diseases and medical conditions.

As the pet gets older, this means it needs higher veterinary care, higher costs, and a higher number of claims is required.

Policies for older pets are more expensive compared with policies for younger pets.

First direct pet insurance can pay your vet directly, although some vets don’t accept direct payment.

You need to choose trusted pet insurance.


First Direct pet insurance offers multiple pet discounts.

It's a good idea to prepare pet insurance before buying your pet.

- Make your pet up to date with healthy tests and vaccinations.

In the case of emergencies, you don’t worry about  monthly costs.

It provides its customers with Paw Squad.

Policies for older pets are more expensive compared  

with policies for younger pets.

Don’t pay for a greater cowl than you need.

You can download a document of policy and know the list of what is not covered.

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