The most common Home Remedies for BV | How to get rid of BV

Home remedies for BV are simple and easy ways to reduce and avoid vaginal bacterial infection that occurs due to an imbalance between good and bad vaginal bacteria.

What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

-It is a common condition that occurs for most women because of overgrowth of certain types of bacteria or an imbalance of PH of the vaginal area. It can be noticed by unpleasant smell, itching or unusual grey discharge.

-Home remedies for BV are considered alternative treatments of bacterial vaginosis. It may not be as effective as medications, but not have side effects.

-Home remedies for BV play an important role in reducing bacterial growth to avoid its complication as an increased risk of premature delivery for pregnant and developing pelvic inflammatory diseases.

-So in case of vaginal infection, we start with home remedies of BV. Research proved the power of home remedies for BV in fighting bacterial infection.

The Most Common Home Remedies for BV are:


It is a natural probiotic which has plenty of healthy bacteria.

Eating it helps the body to grow beneficial bacteria that fight in healthy bacteria.

Eating one yoghurt at least per day helps in the balance between good and bad bacteria in the vaginal environment.

2-Probiotics :

It is live bacteria that can be found in some foods and supplements. It can restore the balance of the vaginal environment.

Research and studies proved that it may treat bacterial vaginosis and can fight unhealthy bacteria and fungi as yeast. It can be taken daily.

Natural probiotics can be found in :


-Fermented food.

-Some cottage cheese. 

3-Garlic :

-Garlic is considered a strong natural antibacterial, it is one of the most favourable home remedies for BV.

-Adding it to the diet or taking its supplements is reducing the risk of bacterial vaginosis.

4-Hydrogen Peroxide :

-Hydrogen peroxide is one of the popular home remedies for BV. It can be used for vaginal irrigation daily for one week. It helps in treating bacterial vaginosis as well as traditional medications and has fewer side effects than medicines.

5-Tea Tree Oil :

-Tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, So it can help in bacterial vaginosis treatment.

-It should be diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.

It shouldn't be used without mixing it with a carrier oil because it can burn tender skin.

-Some people can be allergic to tea tree oil, So a small amount of diluted oil should be tested on the skin before putting it on the tender vaginal area, then waiting for 24 to 48 hours, if there are no reactions, it will be safe to use.

-Insert the tampon of diluted tea tree oil inside the vagina and leave it for one hour before removing it, But remove it quickly if there is any irritation after putting it.

6-Boric Acid :

-It has been used for over 100 years as a home remedy to help to treat vaginal infections.

-Because of its properties, it is a common ingredient in many types of products such as :

            - Antiseptics

            - Skin lotion 

-Boric acid may get rid of disease-causing organisms that antibiotics take a long time to destroy.

-It is an effective add-on treatment for BV.

-Boric acid capsules can be used to treat and fight bacterial vaginosis especially in women with recurrent infection.

-Boric acid 600mg capsule is taken in a combination with antibiotics. 

-It is inserted directly into the vagina.

-It is safe to be used in the vagina and has been found as effective as the medical approaches to treatment.

-It should be kept away from children and pets because it is toxic to eat.

7-Safer Sex :

According to the office of women's health, Using condoms for one month can reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis recurrence.

8-Safe Hygiene Practices :

-Because bacterial vaginosis causes an unpleasant odour, many women believe that it is because of bad hygiene, but it is a mistake. 

-The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, so it does not require soaps, douches or perfumes.

-The usage of these products can alter vaginal PH which makes the area suitable for infection.

To avoid and reduce bacterial vaginal infection :

-Wipe the vaginal area from front to back to prevent any contamination of faecal matter into the vagina.

-Wash vagina with water only.

-Don't insert soap into the vagina.

-Wear breathable cotton underwear.

-Avoid using any products on the vaginal area to avoid irritation.

-Keep the vaginal area dry.

-Don't douche because it can alter vaginal chemistry, and irritate.

-Wash hands before touching the vaginal area during exchanging menstrual cups or tampons.

-Change pad or tampon several times per day during the period.

8-Breathable Cotton Underwear :

-It is one of the best home remedies for BV.

-Wearing non-breathable underwear can trap moisture and make the vaginal environment a breeding ground that is suitable for bacterial and fungal infections.

-According to the University of New Hampshire's Department of Health and Wellness, wearing breathable cotton underwear helps bacterial vaginosis heal quickly and prevent recurrence of infection.

-Avoid wearing tight and restricted clothes like tight jeans.

-Leave the underwear off during sleeping.

Some people believe that coconut oil treats bacterial vaginosis because of its antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but this idea is wrong.

It is not an effective treatment for BV, but it can aggregate its symptoms.


When you suspect you have bacterial vaginosis, Start with home remedies for BV for one week. If home remedies don't work and symptoms of BV haven't resolved after a week, make an appointment with a gynaecologist.

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By: Dr. Islam Mahmoud Saleh

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