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Almond flour banana bread is a healthy choice for anyone or any age; even if you follow a special diet like keto or paleo. In the morning you can enjoy eating this bread with a cup of latte at the breakfast.

banana bread with banana and cup of coffee; a tsp of chocolate is added


Almond flour banana bread recipe


Prep Time

Cook time

Total time

15 mins

45 mins

1 hr

banana bread with one banana beside


·       3 mashed bananas (use only two bananas on Almond flour banana bread keto recipe)

·       3 eggs

·       1 tsp vanilla extract

·       1 tbsp of honey ( use sugar-free sweetener or stevia on Almond flour banana bread keto recipe)

·       3 tbsp of almond milk (unsweetened)

·       2½ cup of almond flour (fine particles preferred)

·       1 tsp of cinnamon

·       ½ tsp of salt

·       1 tsp of baking soda and baking powder (leavening agents)

·       1 cup of dark chocolate chips (you can use dairy-free ones)

·       Nuts


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a bowl contain flour; eggs and bananas are beside

·       In a bowl add all dry ingredients: almond flour, salt, cinnamon, and leavening agents.

·       In another large bowl add the mashed bananas, eggs, almond milk, and vanilla; mix them well with a mixer until they become well-combined.

·       Add the dry ingredients to the smooth ones and mix them well with a spoon.

·       Add to the batter a ¾ cup of chocolate chips.

·       In a non-stick pan; put the batter; use the spatula to smooth the top.

·       Sprinkle the nuts and some chocolate chips on the top.

·       Put the pan on a pre-heated oven at 180°c for approximately 45 minutes. Almond flour banana bread keto recipe needs only 30 or 35 minutes to avoid dryness.


NOW, your tasty Almond flour banana bread is READY!

banana bread with bananas slices



You can add some additives to enhance your Almond flour banana bread taste:

·       Peanut butter can give you the sufficient energy you need in the morning.

·       You can also add some fruits on its top as strawberry, blueberry, banana...etc.

a slice of banana bread with peanut butter above and strawberry slices


·       Almond butter is another choice.

·       A dark chocolate cream with nuts and dried fruits is a delicious combination.

a slice of banana bread with chocolate cream, banana slices, and some nuts as a topping

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